BY: Andrew Dell

Cold in the night,

 whisperings and echoes

 of things that were there,

slicings and dicings

wasslings and whistlings,

things gone a’flying

that shot  through the air.


What are they crying

 and what is their scree?

What are their thoughts

About you and of me?

Elusive and dangerous, (with  a hint of sublime,)

 their echoes and whisp'rings

go on all the time,

yet only in quiet or dark chilly hours

do we get just a glimpse

(in the shiverry quiveries)

of their thoughts  and their powers.



could they do to us? What do they think?

Their worlds and ours   reeling  along on the brink..

of touching, colliding,

of crashing and burning, of molding and morphing,

(changes constant  turning.)

What stops this from happening?

What hand holds them,

arrests them,




Is it the Makers Own hands,

that hold from that fall,

the hurts and the pains

that answer their call?

But holding them firm

will only last  a little longer,

He begins to relax,

(they think they grow


The Door opened once

for all who would come

is it jealously guarded

by those who would

deliver none?


Does pleading the Blood

cause them all to shiver

bound by their hate

do they stand and quiver?


One day He will let them have their own way,

Then when deeds are  the Darkest,

Expose them to Day.

Pure Goodness (and mercy)

will melt  them away.



But all are not evil,

nor all of them A'fright

just stranger and different,

like day is from night.


(And strangeness and wonder

can stand in the light.)

Will we all smile

our eyes filled up with HIS Bright

as mercy and love

come dance in our sight?


Then where will that  take us?

Where does He lead us?

What pathways  and roadways

 To Astonish and please us?

And what do these whisper

in the chill of the night...

beyond deaths dark hill

through a light

beyond light..


Did elves really

gather in that  holy night

to witness the babe

that angels called



Are the little people still


(Stirring beneath the hill)

in mem'ry of the One

who died for

the Nations?



do they wait for that day

when chains will be dropping


and tongue loosed


Like all of creation


Or are ALL THESE but shadows

(like bumps in the night)

when exposed in the morning

WILL THEY vanish from sight?


There are the mysteries

that might make me shiver..

but what of THAT ONE

who came TO DELIVER?

Here is a mystery

boundUP in the Truth

to pay  unpayable debt

to heal

unsoothable in Truth.

What is the question? who is the Answer?

Could it be those whisp'rings

ARE BATTLES we hear?

Or are these

ALL but mumblings

that vanish in air?

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(C)2012 A.D. All Rights Reserved