Joel "Cop" Furches

"Stop!" said the voice in the mind of every human being, simultaneously, all across the world. And stop they did. Noisy restaurants were now hushed in silence, as people ceased their talking. Busy highways filled with vehicles rushing from one place to another were now suddenly still as the traffic slowed then halted in obedience to the voice. Babies quit their crying. Factories, the very engines of industry, ground to a halt. Somewhere in the middle east rioters were hurling curses and blunt objects at a band of police armed with semi automatics, and riot clubs. Both parties froze. One young man dropped a rock in mid-throw, as both the police and the rioters followed the dictates of that inner voice. Two country leaders stopped mid-signature on a peace treaty. Two political candidates hushed mid-sentence at a presidential debate. A mugger lowered=the hand holding the switchblade, and his intended victim, a woman who, moments ago, had been screaming hysterically was now silent, her fear forgotten. Somewhere in the deep jungle, two warring tribes dropped their spears. A doctor paused mid-surgery.

The world was engulfed in silence, broken only by the sounds made by oblivious animals. For one moment all of humanity held its breath, waiting for the inner voice to continue, to finish its statement. And, after a moment, it did.

"Your doing everything all wrong." the voice completed.

"Oh." said humanity, and continued what they had been doing.

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