The Eve of Salvation.

Joel 'Cop' Furches

As if in slow motion, Eve drew the succulent fruit to her lips. The serpent innocently dropped to the ground, his evil work almost complete. He sprung to the branch of the forbidden tree to get an overview of the situation.

As her lips met the all-too-thin barrier between good and evil, the skin of the fruit, tears sprung to her eyes as the goodness of the creator suddenly flooded her mind. He had done so much for them, and asked so little.

The horror of what she was about to do racked her mind, causing her to shudder violently. She pulled the orb from her lips, it's skin unpierced, and flung it away in the distance.

A strong, warm hand gently touched her shoulder, and Adam whispered in her ear, "Well done, Eve, I knew you wouldn't succumb."

A sudden terror filled the eyes of the snake as the Glory of the Eternal One flooded the garden.

"You had your chance and failed, Satan," spoke the powerful voice of God, "now enter your eternal damnation!"

With a scream the snake disappeared in a burst of flame.

"You have passed my test, children," he addressed Adam and Eve, "Now receive your reward."

He extended the fruit of life.

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