Frank Met Peggy


Frank met Peggy at a Youth for Christ meeting in 1954.  He was invited there by Jack Arthur.  Jack persistently invited Frank and another friend Nick to these meetings and Frank was rather reluctant to go in the beginning, in fact he threatened Jack with ˇ°if you ask me one more time, “I’ll break you in to like a string bean.”  Jack being a smart guy countered with, “Alright, but you will miss out on all the pretty girls.”  Of course that hooked Frank right away and he became an usher for the youth group meetings.

            The auditorium where the YFC meetings were held was tapered.  One night

Frank was standing at the bottom of the auditorium with another guy, Glen Witwell, who asked him if he would like to double date.  Glen was willing to get him a date with Peggy Swan.  Glen pointed her out to Frank that night, but she was standing at the top of the auditorium wearing high heels and Frank’s immediate response was, “I’m not going out with THAT Amazon!”

            One day not long after that ‘introduction’ given by Glen, Frank went over to Jack’s house and Jack promptly instructed Frank to not “say a word, just listen.  Sit on the floor outside the door—there is a speaker on the phone.”

            Jack continues his conversation with the person on the phone, she asks, “Who was that?”

            Jack responds by saying, “Oh just an old friend.  Don’t worry about it,

He’s gone.  Tell me more about this guy.”

            “Well, he dresses neat; he has wavy dark black hair.” (This of course is Peggy.)

            Frank slips a piece of paper with his own question, “Would you go out with him?”  Jack asks and after some hesitation she responds with a “Yes.”

            Frank now has a date with Peggy on Valentines Day in 1954.  A guy that knows both Frank and Peggy finds out that they have a date and he bets Frank $5.00 that he won’t get a kiss on the first date.  Jack finds out about this bet and without a second thought goes straight to Peggy with the bet. 

Frank later calls Peggy on the phone and her attitude has changed, she is very short with him and finally lets him know she knows about the bet.  Well he promises to cancel the bet off and Peggy agrees to go out skating with him.

            Peggy’s sister Patsy also comes along on this date.  Patsy is skating all around Peggy and Frank.  Frank is fumbling and stumbling and leaning on Peggy for support….

            But wait, what’s this—Frank’s skating partner keeps passing by giving him funny looks.  Skating partner?  Yes, that’s right, for you see what Frank has failed to mention is that he belongs to a skating club and he and his partner have won several trophies and awards.  He successfully shoos her away, his cover is not yet blown.

            Next scene please:  There are several booths set up at this time because it is after all Valentines Day, a Kissing Booth and a Marrying Sam booth, both are $1.00.  Two friends, Rich and Leota, came up to them with the suggestion, “Want to get married?” Peggy notices that they are kissing after the ‘marriage ceremony’ so she narrows her eyes at Frank and he assures her that they don’t have to do that part of the ceremony.  She agrees, but the person performing the ceremony gives her an ultimatum, they can’t have the certificate unless she kisses someone, “You kiss him, or you kiss me.” 

Peggy considers this for a moment and says, “Okay, him.”         Automatically causing her twin sister to lose 4 or 5 sodas she has bet that her sister won’t do it.

            Frank and Peggy continue skating for awhile with Patsy interjecting now and then to show off her skating talents.  Well, Frank can’t handle it any longer and he does a spin-out, a pirouette and finishes by skating backwards and commenting, “Boy Patsy, you sure are a good teacher.”

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