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Chapter 9:
Ultimate Nightmare Scenario

By: Justin

“What? I don’t want to play a silly game!”

“Why not? I mean…it did get Thomas killed!” Eisen looked abhorred, then immediately angry, but before he could let out his emotions, he was stuck in some unknown purple area, which stopped him from moving. It didn’t stop his mouth because he sure laid out a great deal of obscenity to the creature. “Jeez…you sure have a mouth…I wonder where you got it from…not even Thomas was this vile! Well…ignoring your potty mouth…” There was a loud snap that echoed in the space, and immediately three doors appeared in front of Eisen.” There are three doors. One leads you back to your own pitiful, weak world of dungeons and dragons. One leads you to a room of eternal darkness, where you’ll be submerged in it until I die. One leads you into a prison, where you’ll be chained forever, incapable of getting out, and viciously beaten or mistreated in ways no one wants to know. Oh wait…you’ve actually mistreated someone like that back in your hey day!” Eisen was about as down as a stone.

“You…you read minds?”

“Ah, yes, yes I do! Nice of you to show some remorse about that situation too…anyways, now that I have taken your will to continue, which door would you like to choose? Again…I have plenty of time.”

Eisen, after feeling miserable for a few minutes, threw a small knife at the left door knob, and saw it melt instantly.

“Bastard! You tried to burn my hand!” The figure laughed.

“No, no of course not! I just didn’t start the game yet! But at least you’re perceptive…unlike your deceased general Linequish Albert Thomas—” Eisen, after forgetting that for a few minutes, just about lost it as he cursed and screamed obscenity after obscenity at the creature again, which only proceeded to make the figure laugh ever so harder.

“HAHAHA!!!! Come on, you…ha-ha…you’re killing me!!! Ha-ha-ha! L-Let’s…ha-ha…start the game!!! HAHAHAAA!!!!” After a few seconds fingers snapped, and appeared instantly a rope and a nail.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with these?!?” Eisen waited for a reply and didn’t get an answer, which made Eisen more furious than he ever needed to be, and for twenty minutes he stood there waiting for an answer until he decided to take matters in his own hands. Well, he tried to as he simply tied the rope to the nail, but hadn’t a clue what to do with it, until he stupidly, while at least thinking, “Well, what do I have to lose?”, attempted to throw the rope over to at the middle door, but he was stopped by the figure.

“Ah, please excuse the delay!” It yelled as another snap of fingers, a hammer appeared…with a large amount of nails, some completely different size, which almost hit Eisen. “You know, you should be thanking me…I did just save you.”

“W-what’s going on now?”

“Can’t you say something other than that? Good grief. Anyways, all you have to do is put each nail in the rope in two hours. You put them all in, you win. If you fail to do so, you lose. Remember, every nail!”

“…What kind of a game is this??!!?”

“….Three words: I. Don’t. Know. Now, I’ll be of-”



“Why in the world were you gone for so long?!?”

“Huh? Oh, yes, I was gone for a while because…well…I was laughing too hard from your words? HAHAA!!!” Then the voice ceased, which irked Eisen, and left him to hammer those nails in the rope. After an hour of nailing them down, he noticed that there were 100 nails left…and the rope had seemed to have its limits.

“…Bastard…” Eisen cried bitterly, then screamed furiously, “You set me up!!!” There was no reply. Eisen then tossed the hammer away and sat on the ground, thinking back on how he got into this mess. He thought about it for too long, as it was only ten minutes left and his task not complete. This made the figure scoff at the famed Commander.

“How pitiful. Is this truly the way of the Syrian Knights?”

“You cur!!!” cried Eisen, “You set me up! There’s no way I can get all those nails in there!”

“Oh…you could…you just…well…you’re just not very…thoughtful.” You can tell he was trying to give Eisen a hint without actually giving him the answer. “Man…humans can be so moronic…But anyways, if you’re just going to give up without even trying, then I will gladly eat your soul.”

“What??!? Are you some monster!?!?”

“No…well yes…and no I think. Ok, I’m just being realistic. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to have your soul eaten. I mean, even I don’t want to have my soul eaten. That’s just not good.”

“…Who cares? Death…is death. Maybe…now my past sufferings can be put to rest…” Eisen rested on the ground

“Sufferings? You mean the deplorable action of raping a girl and killing your parents as sufferings? You call that suffering? You’ll suffer more with your soul on the line! When I don’t want my soul to be eaten, why the hell would you want yours?”

Eisen remained silent.

“…Unbelievable…this is a joke…I mean…there won’t be any fun killing you…thanks for taking my joy away…fool!” the ten minutes was up.

“All right…its over,” Eisen said melancholy, “So…do what you must…” The figure just seemed depressed.

“…I can’t believe this is happening…first…in your mind think in your mind that all these nails are going in rope.”

“What? Why?”

“…How dare you question me. I could eat you as a dessert in the morning. Just do it.” Eisen then did what he said, and just like that, all of the nails, even though it looked impossible, somehow were nailed to the rope. Then the middle door lighted up red. “…you could have just suggested that you wanted the nails to be nailed down out loud…you didn’t have to work remotely hard. But sometimes humans can be so unimaginative. Now you understand why I was so upset. Oh well…guess it’s too late now--what the?”

Eisen had run to the lighted door without any wasted time, and left the purple space. Once Eisen was out, he found himself in an unlighted room.

“Yes…I win! GAH!!!” time just stopped, and a cut of sizeable proportions burst from Eisen’s shoulder.

“Heh…you ARE a fool, aren’t you? That was inventive, thinking that you could have this idea in advance so I wouldn’t detect it. I admit I was careless in not reading your mind again, but it wouldn’t have mattered. I mean, I do control your fate. And most importantly, you lost the game. So in the end, it was foolish that you did that because now I will have to inflict much, much pain for your idiotic insolence….”


An abnormal scream echoed all over the Soadon Castle, alarming every soldier in the castle, and got Shade’s eyes to widen in terror as he thought,

“NO! Eisen!!!!” Shade ran for a few minutes in the direction of where he thought he heard the scream, but when he saw soldiers running out of a room and throwing up, he knew who was beyond that door.

That was Eisen.

He didn’t even go into the room.


The creature, oddly enough, and considering its queer history, was flying. That’s right he was flying in the blue skies towards its desired destination, as heavy flapping ruled the skies of Bethumet. He was flying for about 15 minutes east, which probably means that he’s sensed the location of the next orb of Bethumet. It continued to fly for a few minutes over large, lush green trees when it had an absolutely shocked look in its eyes as it turned back, and then began to get frustrated as for a few minutes it slowly passed where the orb was located, yet couldn’t pick up where to access it.

When the creature dropped down to the ground, for a few seconds it was immersed in a cover of grey fog and cold mist, then it landed into a pristine forest. It walked in the forest, only to seemingly get lost as it scaled trees, destroyed trunks, yet it could not locate where specifically the orb was located. The creature then stood standing with its arms crossed and eyes closed while leaning against a tree for a good 30 minutes, while looking as if he fell asleep. It opened its eyes, scowled angrily at the air, then moved its arms back to the sides of its legs, and then clenched both claws. After a few seconds the creature’s body glowed purple, then two minutes later, it put both claws together, slowly put them on the ground, and the purple glow extended to the ground, as the energy consumed the forest in a heartbeat. Clearly the creature figured out what was going on because it prompted three vines to come out of nowhere, like you didn’t know how or where it appeared, nearly hitting the creature. But it saw them, dashed away, then grabbed the vines and pulled them out, which in turn pulled out more vines, then soon large trees: it was slowly pulling the location of the orb out!

But it was not to be that simple, as a cloudy purple gas that smelled of poison surrounded the creature, and it slowed up, meaning that it worked. Well, it only worked temporarily as the creature then pulled with even more vigor and determination, so whatever was attacking it had to come up with a better idea. The only idea that came forth was a massive quake that nearly submerged the creature into the ground as it shook, creating a large black hole amidst the cracked ground. Problem is that the creature can stay in the air, however, so that attempt was clearly useless. The creature stopped pulling the vines all of a sudden, then closed its eyes and chanted something silent out of its mouth, then just like that, the purple glow on the body of the creature began to wane, but it instead transferred over to the vines, causing them to wither while still being held and in seconds more of the forest was being revealed.

But just suddenly the creature stepped back, while still holding onto the declining vines, a few steps to avoid beams of blue light at its feet as seven light blue like orbs with small wings out of the forest stuck at the creature, causing it to do a lot of dodging while still holding the vines. The trees started to strike the creature as well with their branches, and soon enough it seemed the entire forest was no safe haven anymore for the creature, but it proved to be far more superior than whatever the forest was throwing at it as it slashed all the trees with just its right claw in lightning fast fashion, then in seconds, the seven orbs were grabbed separately, thrown all together, then was subsequently engulfed in a rectangular kind of purple energy. They all only moved around a few times, trying to escape, but the creature clenched its right claw together, and immediately the energy exploded into a liquid like substance, which killed off the orb like creatures. Then the vines that the creature still held onto soon turned to dust. Once that happened, it slashed the air, seemingly for nothing. But seconds later red sparkles flew in the air, and just like that, it saw a land that was not supposed to be seen revealed.


“You know Prince Alvis, we shouldn’t be working this hard on such a humid day like this!” said a man with faded black hair.

“Ray…you have to stop complaining when I practice with you!” said the aforementioned Prince Alvis. They and about 50 or so Kose soldiers were on their training grounds, in a large part of their land that’s not covered by trees but surrounded by meadows, and a large grey hilltop is also pretty nearby. Alvis and Ray were practicing their sword skills against each other for about an hour, and now they are on a break. “Anyways,” Alvis continued, “Getting ready for the Forest Festival, eh? I’m glad I finally caught you on a day off!”

“Well, Prince Alvis, I have to practice. I have to impress everyone who stops by my family’s shop! My parents do the cooking; my sis and I do the entertainment! We plan on singing and dancing the day away, and we’ve been working on a secret performance that even you will find entertaining!” Alvis chuckled.

“I doubt you’ll be able to surprise me. I mean, you still haven’t surprised me with your blade!”

“Aw, come on! You gotta believe that we have something up our sleeves! And hey, I’m more refined with my axe than the sword!”

“Speaking of which…where is your axe?”

“Ehrm…uh…I kinda dropped it…in the river.” Alvis hit his own forehead as he sighed.

“So careless…thanks to the spell, you know you was supposed to be extra careful as to how you proceed around there!”

“Oh, you don’t have to be so mean about it! Well, hopefully I’ll take better care of the next axe!” After there was a few seconds of silence, Alvis said,



“How long are you going to work with us? I mean, sure it’s nice that you’re helping us and all but-”

“Ah, what are you saying? You trying to run me out of the Cathedral?”

“N-no, that not what I’m doing! You’re one of my best friends, Ray. I was just saying.”

“Good. You know…I may have gotten a very good sum to work here for the past couple of years…but when I accepted the job, I was sure that I was going to get paid enough, then resign from spying. But I enjoy working here. I may not be the smoothest of spies, but I get the job done. And I enjoy being around you and Princess Natasha and Queen Karratha and Lute and everyone else. I’d like to stay and still work with you guys, and with my parents’ blessing, I plan on working with you until I die.”

“…I see…You truly are a good—”

“Well, we’ve taken a long enough break already,” They was both sitting down on the grass, so Ray stood up while speaking, “It’s time to get back to work! I gotta get at least a decent swipe at you before the day ends!” So the two continued to train for a few minutes, until a soldier ran up towards them, which alerted them to stop and turn towards him, and said,

“Hey, can you tell what that is on the hill? It looks normal, but a few soldiers say they saw it move!” Prince Alvis and Ray looked to see a dark shadow proceed over the hilltop, but it didn’t look imposing at first until four black wings started to open out of the form and stood menacingly down from a good distance away as looked to be scanning its surroundings.

“W-what is that? That shouldn’t be here, right Ray?” said Alvis. Ray could only look pale and terrified as he knew immediately what that was.

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