Fear 3


Chapter 17:
The World's End, Fear Vs. Courage.

By: Justin

The word Tyrande said in disbelief was an understatement. She almost cowered when she looked up and realized that her last trial involved having to a climb a massive, cylinder shaped brown rigid mountain. On the front of the mountain there was a sign that said, "DO NOT GO UP HERE OR YOU'LL REGRET IT."

Tyrande thought about listening but there was no other way up the mountain. She knew she had no choice but to climb it. She first scanned the majority of the mountain. It seemed to feature nothing special, other than the climb. Tyrande found out literally that this wasn't any normal mountain climb. She twice fell on her butt attempting to climb it; as soon as she got set on the mountain, she immediately fell off.

"...What's going on around here?" she thought aloud. After taking a few seconds to gather herself, she took off her yellow armlet on her wrists. Her left eye glowed red after she took both of them off, then her right eyes continually flashed green. She studied the mountain again. "So," she said in a completely demonic voice, "there is more to this mountain than its girth." she noticed that there were small square shaped stones littered all over the mountain. The stones were like grease: there was no chance anyone could grab on to those. She had to stay in her current form until they were all gone, even though she can't use that power too much. A few years ago Shade told her that she'll turn into an uncontrollable demon if those bracelets came off. So she knew she couldn't have it off for a long period of time. After two hours of climbing, she slipped her armlet back on her wrists. She was at the top.

"So...tired," panted Tyrande as she climbed the top of the mountain. She looked around to see nothing but blue skies and lots of clouds. She almost thought she finished the trial. But there was a part of her that felt that this was too easy. An unknown voice assured her that it was too easy:

"You're not done yet."

A long blue haired figure with a brown face, a black vest, red and flame pants, and a huge red sword appeared out of nowhere a few feet from Tyrande.

She was totally taken aback.

"W-who are you?" she stupidly said, but of course realized who he was.

"I am your last test in this trial." he responded in a demanding tone, "This is where you prove your worth to me to see if you can gain the celebrated powers of Takneo Shrine." He pointed that huge red sword at her. "If you don't give me everything you've got, then this will be your tomb. You will join all the other fools who thought they could pass this test. Now....for good...or for bad.....good bye." as soon as finished saying that, he disappeared so quickly, Tyrande felt blind for a second as she tried to find him. She just barely avoided losing her left arm as he nearly cut it off. He disappeared again, which forced Tyrande to start moving around the mountain top. But climbing that mountain made her more tired than she believed she could be, as she narrowly avoided getting slashed or decapitated, despite her movement slowing down considerably. While trying to stay alive, she tried to think of a way to get out of this situation.

"Feeling tired little girl?" he yelled with a maniacal tone as he continued to nearly butcher her to death. Tyrande could not even counterattack, moving entirely too fast for her. "PAH! You're just another fool that's going to die here at this pace!" she wanted to make sure that didn't happen. She chanted a quick spell, and a burst of yellow light engulfed her. The unknown figure backpedaled a bit, and saw a burst of energy glowing around Tyrande.

"I have a chance to beat him!" Tyrande thought, "But I have three minutes tops to beat him, or else...no...I can't think of anything else! I must beat him now!" she charged at him with such blinding speed that the figure was shocked how she got this fast all of a sudden. He then seemed in disbelief when she punched him in the face that sent him face first to the ground. He got up, took a retreating approach, and then put his sword in the air. Thunder shocked the sword, and then with a bit of his power, the flash turned red and headed straight towards her.

He soon learned that was a big mistake.

"You were best stuck with close range attacks," yelled Tyrande, "because in this temporary form, all energy blasts of any sort get reflected back immediately!" burned and defeated, the figure fell off the mountain in a state of disbelief.


"Phew...that was....good....I...hope...I...m...ter..." she fainted and seemed lifeless.


"....W-w...here...am....I?" Tyrande woke up at the main entrance to the shrine, feeling ridiculously lousy and weak. She couldn't even attempt to get up for a few seconds. She thought that she would die after using that spell. It tripled her powers to a great amount, but it lasts only three minutes, and there was a 50/50 shot she could have died. After a few minutes she was able to get up though she still didn't feel too great. She walked around slowly in a circle, sometimes feeling like a drunkard. Then immediately and instantly, a wealth of energy pulsated through Tyrande's body that seemed unfathomable. For a second, she thought that she had god like powers, but instead believed she was almost close to it. She walked out of the shrine, expecting that today would be the last day for Fear to stain the earth with his treachery.

She emerged outside of the shrine, with the light of the sun bearing down on her back, like it was acknowledging her new powers. While she walked, a low voice seemed to echo throughout her mind,

"I'm sorry...." she couldn't recognize who it was or its intentions at first, but the voice continued to get louder as it spoke. Unfortunately, Tyrande eventually figured out who it was.

"No...no---MASTER! SHADE!" Tyrande cried aloud.

"Good....You figured it was me..." he appeared in a small blue like spirit form, thanks to the half-dead spell, which keeps him alive for a few hours. He still had that same happy kind of look about him, even though he was half-dead. Miserably upset and in tears seeing him in this form, Tyrande demanded to know what happened to him.

"THAT BASTARD FEAR! HE KILLED YOU?" she was about ready to lose it, but Shade replied,

"No...it was someone else..."

"Someone else? I have to worry about someone not named Fear?" Tyrande asked with a worried face.

"Yes...unfortunately...but I'll get to that later...I...know you probably...won't forgive me for allowing Fayre..."

Tyrande shuddered.

"No...he...he's not..." Shade explained that he was about to end the war against Kenion, but Fear showed up out of nowhere on the battlefield and killed him. 

"Damn...him...why.....he was...so...young..."cried Tyrande. Shade apologized once again because he said he was careless and should have had a better view of the battlefield. Tyrande knew in her heart that Fear must burn in every way possible to pay for the suffering he's caused in Bethumet.

"Now...that figure that killed me...he...is one of the reasons the war...Nagrun's destruction...it was his entire fault."

"So...he caused my friends...the soldiers..."

"Yes...and with them together...Bethumet surely does not look good..."


"Courage... I can feel the shrine's power in you. Please...you are the one...the only one...basically mankind's last hope. Fear...that figure...it doesn't matter. I believe in you. I expect you to find a way to win. Now...." In fast fashion, Shade's spirit went right into Tyrande's body, and then said, "Use the last of my strength. It doesn't hurt to use extra strength. Use my power and Kalgorith's to the fullest extent, Courage. And remember...only your will shall give you the power you need!" After he said, a shining blue light engulfed her. After a few seconds passed, multiple flashes spread throughout Takneo Shrine. Thunder emerged from the grey skies. A gust of multiple energies circled around Tyrande. After it disappeared, Tyrande looked drastically changed from before: She seemed to be taller than she was before, her hair was cut, wore a long blue coat with long sleeves, yellow symbols on the shoulders, on the sides of the sleeves, and on the bottom of the coat. Her body glowed pure blue. When she opened her eyes, they were no longer black: they were as blue as the water. After a minute of powerful energy swirling around, it ceased immediately. Tyrande then looked up into the sky. 

"Shade...so...even you felt the need to control my powers..." Her voice sounded more bold and commanding. She then looked at her wrists to see her bracelets were gone.

She smiled happily.

"...There will be no more restrictions...Shade...I thank you for giving me your powers..." she looked forward, "Your protege, Courage...shall use them for the purpose of defeating one man: Fear! I can now say that with the powers that I have been given....you...will...die..." she suddenly vanished from Takneo Shrine.


Cizard had a cynical smile on his face as he slept, standing up, in the orb holder room. He had a look as if everything was going according to plan. A plan that he learned about almost eons ago....


What a disaster, Cizard thought. Bethumet did not get destroyed... Tomestorm has been rendered ineffective due to the enormous power of Rangoon...worst of all, the humans and the demons were still here...

Thoughts like that crept into Cizard's mind as he flew over the skies of Bethumet, retreating back to the castle he and Tomestorm created in the clouds. Once he went in, he tried to think about what conceivable plan was possible to destroy Bethumet. The sword disappeared, and as powerful as he was, no individual could destroy a world by himself. He decided to sleep it over for the day.

The next day, he woke up with a start. The orbs! He thought. I can...sense them... but why? He went to find out.

The orbs were supposed to disappear for a long time right after the sword's used up all its energy, so said the researchers. But this mystery continued to baffle Cizard as he hunted down the orbs. When he found the first one, he battled whether or not to try and summon Rangoon himself.

"No...but...Tomestorm's stronger than me," Cizard said aloud. "He couldn't control Rangoon...how can I?" but despite those thoughts, he was compelled to find all seven orbs. After a month of tireless searching, he gathered all seven orbs again. Saying it with shocking indecision, he yelled,

"Red...Blue...Green...Grey...Yellow...Purple...White.... power!" similar to when Tomestorm dealt with the sword, the orbs floated in a circular motion over the blade in Cizard's claws, then sped all around it, causing energies of all colors to swirl and consume his body. It seemed like everything was going to plan.


Was Cizard's howl.

The energy not only consumed him: It more or less controlled him. Cizard was unable to speak unless in spurts. His body felt like weights on top of weights. His body, which was already more defined, seemed to get more tense and stiff.

"....Demon..." he spoke in a death life tone. He stabbed the sword through his body. Cizard was incapable of screaming as he was controlled by the sword itself. "You...lack...the...necessary...requirements...to...wield...me! More...power!!!" the sword was taken out of Cizard's body. Blood shot through the air. Then the left arm was cut off. "Acquire...more...power...when...you...return...seek me...once again..." then the legs were cut off. "You...will...never...control...me...with...your weak...heart...so...while I...will relinquish...control...over...you...my heart...will replace...yours!" And literally, Cizard's heart was taken out of his body mysteriously. "Now...die...and return...when you can!!!" The sword burst out a tremendous amount of energy, one that engulfed Cizard...and made him disappear...


Cizard awoke with a groan. He felt an unneeded strain to his already strained body and mind. I'm assuming he did not want to dream of that. But...that was not what he was wondering about.

Something was coming.

Someone was coming.

He gave a cynical smile once again.


Courage glared at the cryptic mountain where Fear is supposed to be. The area was dark and twisted. The clouds were a shade maroon. The trees and the bushes were dramatically filled with evil. A normal person would just have died being close to this area.

Courage, however, was far from impressed.

She broke the barrier with relative ease just by walking past it. After looking around to see if there was any kind of threat anywhere in the area, she scaled up the mountain. It took her only a minute to get to the top, and from there she started to grow sick with fury as she saw a massive castle. There was nothing spectacular about it: it was a wide, rectangular castle with some windows, black and red painted the building, with many slash marks red. The sky changed from maroon to a blood red. The air felt unnatural, as if one would be at a large disadvantage just by entering this point. However, there was not even a disadvantage to worry about because Courage seemed not to notice it.

"They must be either waiting for me, or feel that they had no need for anyone to serve them." grumbled Courage, who felt this was all a grand set up. Either way, it was of no matter to her because there was no choice anyways. She's the last hope, whether she liked it or not.

She went inside the castle, and at first, was taken aback. The place was comfortably spacious and beautifully designed. The air was nowhere near as restricted as it was outside. She felt like she wanted to live there.

"BAH!!!" It didn't take her long to get back to reality. "I have to kill Fear, not enjoy his abode!" The castle was bigger than she initially thought. It seemed as if there were more rooms and floors than humanly noticeable.

Clearly only a special few can even be up here.

She scoured a few rooms, desperately trying to find where Fear was. After she searched a room and left it, she picked up a strong energy a few doors away from where she was. When she went inside it the room was entirely green. The lights made the sky look green. The Seven Orbs of Bethumet were lined up in a row on a table, and to the left of those orbs a circle of light was trapped in some sort of case. Those were pretty important elements standing in front of Courage. But the man she thought was important to find stood in front of a nearby door...

"FEAR!" she screamed with wild fury. "Today's the day where your schemes are over!" at first, Cizard seemed taken aback at the change in Courage. Then he looked at her as if she was kidding. "You think this is a joke? When I send you to hell, we'll see who the joke's on now, won't we!!!!" she motioned to charge him, but he put his right claw in her direction in a stopping and defenseless position. She quickly interpreted it as he wanted her to stop. When he got her attention, he pointed to a door, and then pointed to himself. It didn't take her long to figure out what he was trying to say.

"You're taking me somewhere where we can fight, right?" he nodded. They both proceeded to go where they could settle this without any restrictions. They passed through the door nearby and began to walk up what she estimated to be 32 flights of stairs. During this time, Courage wondered where that figure that Shade was talking about was. She only sensed Fear's presence this entire time. She wondered if the figure went away, or Fear had done what he has done to so many others. But her pride willed her, or forced her, not to ask that question, mainly because she had the urge to finish him off behind his back numerous times. She held back, as he never even motioned to attack her, and it would be dishonorable to attack a non-committed foe. After a long walk up the stairs, they got to the top.

She surveyed the battlefield, which didn't take too long because it was just a wide, spacious field that had no advantage or disadvantage: it was the perfect setting as nothing could get in anyone's way. Cizard glared at her with a face that said, "Niceties are over," flew towards the end part of the battlefield, and got into fighting position. It was time to begin.

"Fear....you've killed a lot of people," yelled Courage as she clenched her right fist, and clenched Kalgorith in her left, "a lot of them were close to me...a lot of them were close to others....today, you stand in the way of balance and peace on Bethumet. And as the last person standing in your way, I plan on making today your grave. So, FEAR," She pointed Shade's sword, Kalgorith, at him, "DIE!"

Courage charged at Cizard with supersonic like speed, which at first surprised him because it's never seen an opponent with such speed before, then flew up to avoid the sword strike. She then jumped behind him with her white angel wings, which came out of nowhere and again surprised him, and once again, almost slashed him in half. He quickly dashed back to the battlefield.

"Still reflecting on our last battle? Where I was not as strong as you and you basically annihilated me?" she yelled surprisingly cockily. "Then see my new strength!"

 She chanted a spell: a huge white cloud headed straight for Cizard. It didn't seem to work as he slashed the cloud with ease. Then he noticed the light the came out of it and immediately he had to continuously dodge the light, each shot nearly grazing him. Eventually it dodged all the light, but after that last attempt to avoid the light attacking it, the girl charged from the sky, and stabbed him in the left part of his chest, almost stabbing his heart. Amazed and stunned, Cizard broke out of the sword and retreated backwards while still looking at the girl, but she would not let up.

"The Great Fear, cowering over a simple slash like that? Cowering over a half-demon? The mighty sure fall quick these days!" Cizard didn't exactly seem fazed by what she said as he charged at her with a normal tone. After a matter of seconds, the top of the castle was shattered completely, as the ground beneath it broke. There was blood all around the section of the castle where they fought; most of it was the creature's blood. No matter what angle he took, he could not get to her. And no matter how many angles he took, she could get to him with ease. At one point after he got sent back to the ground back first, it got up and coughed up blood. Considering she's been insulting him for most of the battle, Courage was not going to miss this!

"...You're not Fear. I should have seen this earlier. You're just a weakling taking the place of the Great Coward Fear!" she charged at Cizard again, but before she got close enough to slash him, she stopped and stepped back. He chanted a spell, and not knowing what it was, she retreated a bit to see what it was. First, a barrier rose up around the creature with white and light blue souls surrounding him.

"Using the dead to protect your hide? WHERE...IS...FEAR?" Screamed Courage, then after saying that, she looked around and noticed that the blood of the creature that was all around the castle was starting to flash. She finally understood what it was doing in the first place. But it was too late to stop it.

"BLOOD PHOENIX!" screamed Cizard.

The blood quickly formed together, and emerged not one or two, but three phoenixes rose out of the blood. It immediately charged at the girl once it was complete. She managed to dodge the first one, but she could not dodge the second, and then all three phoenixes engulfed her. They took her up to the red colored clouds, and the birds exploded, leaving not a rain storm, but a blood storm that actually fell from the sky. After a minute of blood falling from the sky rain finally fell, but it felt like it had a stinging affect. Cizard got rid of his barrier, then closed his eyes for a few seconds. He then looked up to see a ball of light emerging from the sky. Once it appeared, it went away, but the girl was still standing there with nary a scratch on her.

"That was a nice attempt," she said almost too confidently, "but that little attack only confirmed your status as a weakling. I should be glad, because I don't have to worry about of your futile attempts of beating me."

Cizard probably wasn't happy to still be called a weakling. No one would ever know that by the way he looked when that response came from her. Still, it charged the girl with his own great speed, trying to slash her away. She continued to dodge his attacks, while she used Kalgorith to slash the creature away, but it dodged her moves as well. After about 15 minutes of body shots and slashes, both the creature and the girl were not in the slightest wearing down. Unfortunately, the part of the castle that they fought on was. Both seeing this, they jumped and stayed in the air, as part of the castle fell down towards the ground. They then looked at each other intensely, and then once again resumed their clash in the air. He got the first shot by hitting her with his wings, leaving a pretty sizable cut in her left leg that would kill just about any human. It didn't bother her too much though and she still kept on fighting.

When their energies blew themselves away a few spaces, she threw Kalgorith at Cizard. He dodged the first attempt easily, but with precision and control, she used it as a projectile as it flew all around the creature. It hit the creature a few times, but there was nothing fatal at all. That made Courage visibly angry. After she grabbed her sword they continued to match blows for a while, until the creature got a great blow to the girl's stomach, stunning her to a certain degree. While she was trying to figure out how to move, the creature charged as if it wanted this battle to end. It chanted another spell, and immediately and violently, turned into a black phoenix. The phoenix charged at her and engulfed her, and yelled,

"CARELESS PHOENIX!" A huge purplish tornado swirled around Courage, thunder clasped from the sky. If you were pretty far away you would be hearing some terrible screams. After the tornado cleared up, the creature got out of the air and stood onto another nearby part of the castle. However this battlefield was a bit smaller and actually was like a spinner type of shape to it. Courage, looking pretty beat up, nearly fell to a part of the forest. But instantly, when her eyes after being closed opened, she stopped herself and after a few seconds, all her scars were healed up. She sensed where Fear was and flew towards its location and landed at the second battlefield.  

"You could do that same move on me 100 out of 100 times," she said, "yet I will still be here, wondering whether I'm facing a weakling or a pest?" she started to act as if the powers of Takneo Shrine and Shade's were just entirely too superior than the powers of Fear. "Maybe if I had just used the powers of Takneo Shrine, he'd probably be more of a challenge." She thought to herself, almost sounding disappointed. "But if that was his best attempt to kill me, I'd rather show him something that would actually kill him.

"It's over now..." She closed her eyes. "Rest in pea--....what the?!?!"

She opened her eyes with a shocked look on her face as her ears heard something insane. Despite being bloodied and beaten up, he laughed like a complete maniac. Then he put one finger up to signal one. It looked like he was trying to say how much time passed since the beginning of the battle.

She thought he was just completely stupid.

"BASTARD! I hope you keep laughing! Laugh all you want in the afterlife!" she closed her eyes again, but then she opened them again without knowing why. She didn't know what was going on, until she looked at Cizard. He grabbed at his coat and motioned to take it off. "What's going on?!?!" she thought to herself. Her body was able to move so she charged at him again, thrusting with her sword Kalgorith. As soon as he took his coat off, however, an immense power erupted out of nowhere. It was so great Courage had to get back. The next thing she knew, everything around her felt like it changed: the air, the ground; even her powers felt like they were restricted.

 Fear then threw his coat in her direction. When it landed, it destroyed a part of where she was standing. She attempted to pick it up, but then a chill went through every part of her body: she couldn't lift the coat. It felt like a million worlds were stacked on top of one another. She nearly wasted her energy trying to lift that coat up, but stopped because that was stupid, and Cizard was standing right in front of her, coatless.

Well, he was standing right in front of her.

Courage lost track of him. She looked around the area only to find him behind her. Even though she screamed once, she thought she screamed millions upon millions of times. She fell on the floor in pure terror. He then picked up his coat, and then tossed it easily into the forest. He pointed at her and lifted his pointed claw up, basically saying get up. Without her seeing it, he moved back to where he was originally standing. She trembled while getting up, wondering what just happened that gave this guy the advantage. She started thinking how Cizard could torture her in any way shape or form. Then she even had a thought about running away

Cizard quashed that thought by quashing her repeatedly.

He first vanished, and since she couldn't sense him anymore, she had to use her eyes to see him. She had no chance that way. She yelped as she took a very painful stab in the back, then she got turned around and saw the red eyes of Fear. She started to feel her body getting wet between her legs. She had no time to know that because she got repeatedly slashed in the front what felt like a million times, in every place in her body. He gave an uppercut to the chin of her, sending her in the air, then grabbed her head and buried her face first into the ground.Then, still holding on to her head, ran towards the end of the spinner like battlefield, searing her entire face, and running her up against the wall.

Courage was sore and burned everywhere. She felt like all her body parts would fall off. They didn't fall off, but she screamed in agony once Cizard lifted her up then slashed her back. Her clothes, while still on her, were close to being torn off at any moment. Then he threw her off the castle, through the clouds, and she landed hard on the ground near the recreated forest. The ground she landed on broke into pieces.

Copious amounts of blood poured out of her body as she passed out. Her body and soul was shattered completely.

Then a voice called out to her.


"S...S..ha..de..." she said weakly.

"Come on now, pull yourself together! It's not over until it's over!"


"...How infuriating....It's one thing to give up when you're totally drained of every fiber of power in your body. But it's another to give up when you're not using everything you got. You forgot I existed or something?"


"Just think of me, Courage....and remember to use my power to the fullest...now damn it, just get rid of this guy already!


Cizard walked slowly towards Courage with his usual nondescript look. The difference this time was the amount of power brimming, screaming, released seemingly uncontrollably in the air. He continued his walk towards her for 30 minutes, acting as if it couldn't find her. He found her alright eventually: he saw a yellow light swirl around her into the sky as she slowly got up with the look of determination and hope that never showed up until now. Her seemingly fatal injuries healed right in front of his eyes.

"Fear....no matter what happens to me....today shall be your final resting place!" she said in a determined tone.

Cizard could only smile, seemingly glad of her determination, then put two fingers in her face, signaling that two hours has passed. Then once he put it down, their powers swirled around each other, Cizard with his dark, purple energy, Courage, a mix of yellow and blue energy. When they felt like they reached their climax, they both charged at each other, death on each person's minds. The forest that was there had no chance as it began to dissolve into ash, as it was incapable of surviving every immense blow the two fighters dealt to each other. After a few blocks and parries and counterattacks, they each locked hand and claws, energy moving back and forth around them. Courage opened her mouth, with a blue light of energy coming out, which made Cizard let go and dash away. He was immediately slashed in the left arm by the girl's sword. Once she took out the sword, which by the way, caused copious amounts of blood to fall out, she stabbed Cizard everywhere on his body, making him howl in pain.

After that barrage, Cizard was unable to move. Seeing this, Courage infused a part of a spell onto her sword, turning it into for most people an unbearable glow of light, and swung at him. Not only did it send him flying, but once again he screamed in much pain. He went right past the clouds, then through his own castle, then fell on the other side of the clouds and onto the other side of the forest. Then with abnormal speed, Courage got to the creature as soon as it was about to drop in the forest, and slashed it repeatedly as much as she could. Then she threw him up back towards the castle, and made him land onto a secret part of the castle that was beginning to have the sound of crumbling due to the damage sustained by this battle.

Cizard was in serious pain: He could not regenerate anymore, and he knew that with the type of speed she had, he could not keep up with her any longer. So he ran to a part of the castle that was, oddly enough, unscathed from all the damage and chaos. Courage, after looking around, saw then chased Cizard with death in her eyes. He chanted a spell, and it was another soul barrier, but this time, it was red, meaning that it was stronger than the previous one. But after a few slashes by Courage it shattered. But as soon as it broke, the creature screamed abnormally, which startled Courage, then she looked around as the ground they stood on shook, then started to fly into the sky. It seemed to fly out of Bethumet, almost to not so breathable levels. The battle ground was like a long rectangular platform, as it was more like a bridge except it's pretty short.

That rain that continued to pour for hours ended, but thunder flashed down from sky, with crackles that didn't seem like it was going to stop until one person in this battle was dead. They once again looked at each other, this time without blinking for two whole minutes. Then they charged each other once again, with each, parrying, blocking, counterattacking, you name it. Neither side was willing to stop as each was determined to accomplish their goal. So even after slash after slash, blood flowing after blood flowing, terrifying screams after terrifying screams from each side, they did not want to stop. Or really, they could not stop.

This battle kept going on for 30 minutes until their last clash pushed both of them to the edge of the platform and they both had to stop. They realized that no matter what they did to each other, it would just end in a stalemate, as both were basically mirror images of each other.

"I...think, " Courage, while breathing hard, said, "This battle will only be decided if we use our strongest attack....hand to hand is pointless....I think you understand the same thing..." Cizard nodded. "Good. I guess we somehow managed to agree on something after all, eh?"

They both powered up with whatever strength they had. The creature turned into a far scarier dark phoenix than previously seen before. The girl pointed her sword into the sky, eyes closed, and thunder fell on top of it. After two minutes of energies swirling around the area, light and dark, their powers were unleashed in their directions at the same time.

The creature shouted, "Careless Nightmare PHOENIX!"

 The girl shouted, "Final Shining FLASH!"

Their energies fought as them, as they were entranced in a struggle. Wild, chaotic energies of all sorts went flying all over Bethumet as some towns were utterly destroyed. People were killed easily. Nature itself was dying, some slow, some fast. This struggle went on for 12 minutes, with neither side daring to give up. But both energies could not stand the pressure, and exploded.

There was 3 minutes of smoke and haze on the platform. On one side of the platform laid Courage, with bruises everywhere, her arms nearly scorched off, and blood all over her body. The other side had Cizard, face looking like it was nearly torn off, a hole on the right side of his rib area, wings covered in blood, and a damaged left leg. He was standing up, but his body was almost coated in blood and his eyes would tell you that he was tired. Three hours had passed, and once again, it was another stalemate. The battle had raged for most of the day, but neither Cizard nor Courage seemed willing to give up. Cizard looked around at the chaos in the skies as thunder continued to come down at a rapid pace, and then looked at the girl with a smile.

He then laughed like he listened to a funny joke.

The girl didn't want to laugh, but while she didn't, she actually smiled back at him, acknowledging the fact that it seems no matter what tried, they can't seem to kill each other.

"I don't...know why... you're laughing," she struggled to get up, but she did, "Because even if this battle takes centuries, I will kill you, Fear!" Cizard had a look that basically repeated her statement. They both got back in fighting position, and each looked as if they were healing up as time went on. But during that time, Cizard had his eyes closed. After five min, he opened his eyes and yelled seven words:

"Red. Blue. Green. Grey. Yellow. Purple. White." while saying those words he lifted his claws into the air like he was holding a sword, "POWER!"

After Cizard said that, the Seven Orbs of Bethumet and the light of Tomestorm appeared from out of nowhere. Then a blinding light engulfed the creature, and also caused Courage to cover her eyes as it was entirely too bright for her. After a few seconds past, she uncovered her eyes and stared in utmost disbelief.

"W...what...?" she stared into the eyes of a huge, more like 10 ft long and 6 wide blade with red and blue markings all over the sword with the edges purple and some kind of slash symbol in the middle. Without any hesitation, the creature screamed abnormally,

"RANGOON!" the creature brought down that seemingly heavy looking blade so fast, no one could even attempt to dodge it, or even motion to dodge it, much less Courage. The energy wave of the sword completely engulfed her, and with insomniac and wild screams so ruthless and terrible that it felt like every planet could hear her, she tasted pain rather unimaginable.

This battle was over.

The creature was about to rest the blade and rest himself after such an arduous and fierce battle. But for the first time ever, it had the look of pure shock and terror as it saw the girl, clothes all gone, her entire body was bloody red, still breathing, but breathing hard every one second. Her arms and legs looked like they were going to break finally, and her hair was slowly falling out. Cizard knew that she was going to die eventually, that he didn't have to waste any more time on her. But he wanted no part of her body to still be on Bethumet. He lifted the blade one more time, and screamed again.


...Cizard looked impaled.

His eyes looked like it was stuck in a zone as they turned purple, then turned into different shapes every split second. It was like he saw something that was even more terrifying than death. Soon his red eyes returned, but then it disappeared as it went soulless.

Then the unthinkable happened.

His eyes exploded into tiny little bits. Then his arms fell to the ground, blood gushing with both and his legs broke like stone. In mere seconds, the Great Terror of Bethumet, The Silent Demon, The Final Fear, whatever term you or anyone else in Bethumet came up with to describe this enigmatic demon, was laid out in a pool of blood, in positions undesirable to human kind.

Cizard was dead.

The Creature was dead.

Fear...was dead.

The blade shortly disappeared after that. Once that happened, the thunder finally ceased. The blue sky appeared, and in a few minutes, the sun that hid in the red clouds of death shone brightly over the world of Bethumet...


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