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Chapter 10:
Loss and Soul

By: Justin

Despite the fact that it’s been well documented that Tyrande is a half-demon and Lute is a regular human, it hasn’t gotten in the way of them getting along, as they’ve become quite fast friends over the past few days, with Lute trying to comprehend how Tyrande could be associated with a demon in the first place. They both have done many simple tasks given to them together, such as cleaning and serving, and today they was going to learn how to cook. Well at least Tyrande: Lute has done quite a lot of cooking, but Tyrande hasn’t, which is a problem, says Queen Karratha. That’s why she’s taking this in stride, figuring that she might as well leave with some knowledge in cooking.

As said earlier, there is a Forest Festival once a year in Kose that begins in about four weeks, and lasts for three days. Queen Karratha has enlisted a lot of people to help make it a glorious event, and Tyrande happened to be added on that list. So while she won’t be here long, she surmised she as well leave with a bang: making edible food.

“Man…how in the world do you do this?” demanded Tyrande, as she and Lute were in the kitchen, and Tyrande herself was putting some flavor on three meat products.

“NO!!! You don’t put that on meat!!!” Lute screamed as Tyrande was putting sugar on meat. Sugar on meat?

“What? You said you needed to put salt on these meats.” Lute giggled.

“THAT…is not salt. That is sugar.” Tyrande looked dumbfounded.

“B-but…then why didn’t you tell me which is which? They look the same!” Lute just looked disgusted.



“YOU. NEED. TO. COOK. MORE!!!” Lute yelled while shaking Tyrande when she was holding one of the meats in her left hand, which accidentally made her squeeze it, making it fly all around the area. Eventually, it found a home in the tender bosoms of Lute’s chest, which caused her to shriek out loudly as she tried to get it out, and it took a while to locate the meat. After that experience, during the cooking, after the cooking, and for most of the morning Lute could only look at Tyrande with the most devilish of looks as she scowled whenever Tyrande even took a glance at her.

“With you around,” Lute sighed, while she and Tyrande now began to carry glass cups on a plate towards the Cathedral of Kose, “I’ll never serve my prince well…sniff.”

Tyrande looked rather pale and downtrodden as she felt sorry for her being so miserable.

“I...I think you serve him well enough!”

“You don’t understand!” Lute started to become rather passionate. “We are going to live together after the festival is over! I have to make sure that I have mastered the arts of being a wife!”

“But…you’re a dangerous spy-”

“I HAVE TO MAKE SURE THAT I HAVE MASTERED THE ARTS OF BEING A WIFE!!!” Tyrande’s ear drums were temporarily broken. And I think her mind was scrambled, too after that lashing. Anyways, when she got them back, she said,

“Well, isn’t he going to help you?”

“Of course he will…when he’s not stuck in tedious meetings and public gatherings in town! He might even be worn down, tired, or…or,” she dreaded saying it, “Worse!!! I have to make sure he’s taken care of!”

“Well…I think you’re taking a little bit too far.”

“Hmph…just wait until you get your man! You’ll see what happens when you don’t take care of him!” Tyrande could only be thankful she’s not at that point yet.

Anyways, they continued chatting while walking towards the main hall in the Cathedral of Kose, and they was greeted by Queen Karratha.

“Hello, you two. I hope your day has gone smoothly!” Tyrande and Lute laughed because that was far from the case. “Oh well…so Tyrande, have you enjoyed your stay in


“Yes I have, Queen Karratha. I am grateful to you, Lute, and everyone else who’s treated me with generosity as I have healed.”

“Are you sure that you must be off? You can’t leave after the Forest Festival?”

“It would truly be an honor to be at the festival, but I have to head to where Master Shade is at immediately. I’m quite sure he’s worried about me, so it’d be best if I not kept him waiting.”

“ I see. Well, I guess I’ll see you off tomorrow! Now, Lute…how has your training for taking care of Alvis been? A lot rougher than being a spy, huh?” Lute was about to respond to that but a soldier ran in the room, tripped on himself as he fell face first to the floor, got back up as fast as possible, had a panicked look on his face as yelled,

“My Queen! Dire news! The spell’s been broken!!!”

Karratha, Lute, and Tyrande looked aghast.

“WHAT?!?!” screamed Karratha as she jumped out of her seat. “WHAT FOOLISHNESS ARE YOU SPEAKING?!!?”

“Multiple scouts noticed the spell was wearing out!!!” Then right while he was about to continue, another soldier ran in and screamed in pure terror,


…Yeah, I’m pretty sure they can’t be more aghast than they already were.

“IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Karratha was starting to lose it. “NO ONE CAN GET PAST THAT SPELL!!!!”

“But the soldiers scouting the hill at the end of Western Kose spotted him!!!”

Right after he finished, glasses were heard shattering as it fell to the ground. Eyes began to be consumed with terror and despair. Tyrande just looked furious because she knew that she had to face Fear again, and seemingly fast.


“Impossible!!! There’s no way he could have gotten past our spell!!!” yelled Alvis as he was told by Ray that the creature scanning the area with one seeable blood red eye was none other than the demon Fear.

“This is bad!!!” said Ray in a trembling tone. “Alvis, you must flee!!!!”

“But we have to stop-”

“You idiot!!!” Ray suddenly grabbed Alvis, “ If you die, then you’ll be leaving too many precious people behind!!! And you’re the prince! There’s no way you can die! Now run!”


“You can’t face Fear!!! Now-”

“He’s coming!!!” screamed a soldier as the demon flapped its wings and headed straight in their direction.

“Damn! Protect Prince Alvis!!!” screamed Ray as they lined up to protect Alvis. “Run while we’re protecting you!!!” The creature then seemingly flew right past them, but it flew so fast, the winds swirling all around them, that the soldiers bled from different parts of their body, killing them all instantly. The only survivor of this bloody mess was Alvis, who was thrown far enough by Ray at the last second, and he looked unhappy at being saved as he ran up towards Ray’s broken and blood covered body and cried,

“RAY!!! RAY!!!!”

Ray could only struggle as his last words were,

“G-go…way…ahhh!!!!” And in mere seconds, Alvis could only cry and scream towards the sky. Then he got up…and took out some sort of powder. Then he poured it over his body…and vanished completely.


Despite the fact that it would be a two hour walk back to the main part of Kose, it took the creature about ten minutes to get there as he flew blindingly fast, looking down at numerous people running, looking to save their hides. It ignored them and flapped his wings so hard that some buildings were destroyed by the heavy flapping. The creature looked at what was known as Aspect Shrine, known to heal those who’ve committed dire sins, but probably was most important for holding Kose’s treasure. That treasure was the Green Orb of Bethumet. It began to enter the red columned shrine, but had a lot of company waiting for it.

“Archers! Fire!!!” screamed a powerful voice as fire arrows penetrated the sky and seemingly hit the creature as it flew down towards the soldiers’ direction. “As soon as that mongrel lands,” screamed that same voice, “Make sure there’s next to nothing-”

The creature disappeared suddenly from their eyesight, well, at least many of the 200 or so soldiers around the shrine, but stared into the eyes of a gruff armored man who could only be totally shocked as the creature sliced him and every other soldier into miniscule little pieces in mere seconds. After a few minutes of trying to step over soldiers’ heads and arms and legs that were spread about by its wild attacks, the creature walked in his usual slow like pace towards the shrine. It took him ten minutes to get to the heart of the shrine, which gushed with serene air, beautifully designed walls and bridges, purified water, and well layered and clean rocks, but the only thing it cared to gaze at was the Green Orb of Bethumet, shining seemingly to acknowledge him. The creature began to walk towards the shrine, but it stopped as a green flash of light stepped in front of the resting orb and appeared Alvis, with a finely crafted sword in his hand and vengeance on his mind.

“YOU MURDERER!!!” screamed Alvis wildly. “YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!!KYAAAA!!!!” Alvis brought the sword down to the ground, and instantly the sword generated a blue energy that engulfed the creature. But the creature stood there unfazed as it shrugged off the attack and continued walking towards the orb, with Alvis in his way. Alvis, after trying a few times with that energy shot with his sword but failing to even slow it down, charged at the creature, sword in thrusting position and aiming at the creature’s chest, screaming with utter rage and a desire to avenge Ray’s death. It was because of his utter rage and desire for revenge that he tuned out another, direr scream.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” And unfortunately for Prince Alvis, he would only assume he knew who screamed in pure agony as in mere seconds, his right hand was cut off, and his shoulder left a gaping hole as he softly said,

“…Lute…” then blood spouted out of his body, instantly ending his life.


Tyrande could only stand there and feel helpless as Fear made off with yet another victim on his hunt for the Orbs of Bethumet, this time Prince Alvis of Kose. It left her mind having to deal with horrible feelings surrounding her as she was left with the Queen of Kose, Karratha, and the now widow of Prince Alvis, Lute, as they both were already on the ground, crying profusely while either throwing up or trying to understand what just happened. While it was impossible to not ignore what’s just happened to Karratha and Lute, she noticed that the creature had already had the Green Orb of Bethumet, and it motioned like it was about to fly away.

“Bastard!!!” yelled Tyrande. “Get back here!!!” But of course, the creature ignored her then flew into the sky, and while she couldn’t fly like Fear, she still gave chase, jumping over roofs and trees as she tried to catch up with the creature. It took ten minutes for the chase to end, and during those ten minutes she chanted a really long spell, which involved the sky turning completely menacing and cryptic as thunder struck at the creature and literally crippled a third of one of Fear’s four wings, causing him to descend into a part of the forest that was near a long bridge and land with his momentum heading towards it as he looked back at Tyrande, with him just stopping in time. Once she descended, she saw the part of the wing that got crippled regenerated in seconds.

“Half-demon!!!” It still said death like, but seemed to be rather furious as he said it.

“Never call me that again, you repugnant bastard!!!” Tyrande screamed wildly.

Instantly out of nowhere a wave of light appeared from all sides, Fear dodging each one but grunting after each shot, then he screamed again,

“Half-demon!!!” As he appeared right in front of her face, he slashed most of Tyrande’s clothes off as blood spouted out from many parts of her body except her head, leaving her screaming terribly into Bethumet’s skies, then he grabbed her head and threw her seemingly across Bethumet, leaving her death like and incapable of moving.

Then…her soulless eyes closed.

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