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Chapter 3:
The Heightened Tension

By: Justin

It was a stormy, harsh night, with rain falling chaotically towards the forest of Hylia. After a few minutes of the sky looking dark purple, it changed intermittently into maroon like skies, then it stopped and immediately fixated itself on its maroon like appearance, with overcast clouds. The forest, which a moment ago was pristine, vibrant and colorful in appearance, slowly decayed into some sort of slimy and ghastly substance that turned into a dark green like liquid that let out black smoke and arose to the sky. In moments, fields of trees, bushes and the like melted into the ground, leaving only sorrow, sadness, and darkness behind in its wake. Suddenly, the ground crumbled and a dark enigmatic mountain shot out of it and went all the way up to the sky, as if to leave Bethumet behind. The rain that befell the forest immediately stopped, leaving only the dark clouds amidst the maroon like sky as a visual attraction. After a few seconds passed, trees and bushes of utter abnormality grew out of the ground, looking frightfully devilish and wicked than any could ever imagine. The air in the area became so stifling that a normal person would be sapped if they walked anywhere near it. The ground turned so pale with darkness that it eventually changed into a color that was more associated with an eerily yellow than brown.

At the top of the mountain, amidst the dark gold like clouds stood amazingly at the tip of the mountain a castle of enormous size and girth, coated with black and red colors, slash marks on the sides of the castle, large rectangular sash windows, and a huge metallic looking door that might have crushed the souls of any who just stood at the door. Upon looking at this, it’s clearly obvious that this could not be built by human hands. Hell, it didn’t even come close to looking like it could have been created by a demon, only by a deity or a god.

Inside the castle, it was everything you could have asked for: nice, clean rooms, many wonderful paintings, impeccable design of the many statues: everything about the castle screamed wonderful times. Despite the cozy accommodations, many that I haven’t even described, the spiky haired demon with four wings paid next to no attention to any of them as it walked into a bright green room with glass windows as the roof, with a strange type of transporter that had no color or visage to the far right. To the transporter’s left, seven half moon like shape holders were there on a table in a row, and continuing to the left, slightly behind the holders was a door that held a sign that said, “Find a field”. The creature put the Red Orb into the holder to the far right, and then walked out of the room. It went up a long flight of stairs (32 to be exact) then walked straight for ten minutes until it went into a large, spacious light purple room with a large bed with comfortable feather pillows of utter softness and silk like cover and sheet, slash marks over his wall, and a great view of the window behind its bed.

As you’ll come to know, however, this demon can be a rather strange character. Rather than sleep in complete comfortably in the large bed, it would rather retract its wings, lean up against the wall, cross its arms, then sleep instead of resting in complete comfort in the large bed. It seems to prefer sleeping while standing, which makes me question the utter strangeness of the character, and I of course, came up with it, so I wonder what I was thinking when….A-Anyways, the demon immediately nodded to sleep, like there wasn’t a care in the world.

It dreamt of a day in the past…

“The sword…did you seal it?” said an unknown man with a calculating manner, whose face was shrouded in black, as he faced another unknown character who was also shrouded in black, but its four black wings give away the character that we’ve already seen, as they both stood far away on top of a mountain hill, looking far away at numerous lands.

“Yes, my friend,” replied the demon in an indifferent tone, “It required a sacrifice of the utmost necessity, like you said, for the sword is more powerful than we could have believed. However, they were quite willing enough to lay their lives for our cause.”

“Heh,” laughed the unknown figure, “You mean foolishly lay down their lives for our cause. “

“…It doesn’t matter…”

The shaded figure sighed.

“You know, sometimes you have to be emotional and calculating in your decisions, my good friend.” The creature didn’t respond to that but gave the figure an angry glare.

“Anyways, this has been a terrific disaster. Most of this pathetic world exists, instead of everything coming to an end. And as a little side note, I’m pretty sure I killed off more demons than humans, so they probably have the advantage in this war.”

“I don’t really care. It doesn’t really matter which side wins or loses. Our end result must remain the same: the death of Bethumet.”

“Yes…but I’d personally just root for the side that I belong to. Now I know you don’t care, but still-”

“I understand. So, what’s our next move?”

“….I need to rest…”

“I see. Those arms of yours need to heal, huh?”

“Pretty much. The power of the sword is so remarkably violent…and enticing…but it…totally crippled me, and I feel somewhat weak right now. I don’t know when I’m coming back, but in my condition, destroying this vile place is but a faraway dream…”

“….So, we may never see each other again?”

“….It’s a distinct possibility…I mean, there’s an outside shot, but who knows? Because of that day, we may be linked forever…”

“I see. Well, I don’t feel like resting any time soon, so I guess…for now my friend…this is good-bye. “The demon extended a claw to the unknown figure.

“All right then,” the figure smiled, “’til we meet again, Cizard.

“’til we meet again, Tomestorm…” And they both shook hands.

It’s been said in legends that at the beginning of Bethumet’s creation, there was a young sorceress named Kose who created life within a bountiful forest. She created a life where humans were able to live amongst nature and flourish for a long, long time. She was blessed with the ability to communicate with the spirits, and after she died, it was believed that she would be the only one. However a few decades after she died and power was granted to the citizenry, a young girl named Hatea was shown displaying the power to commune with the spirits. It led people to believe that there are those special people who are able to do such a thing, and created a rule that gives those people power when they are discovered. For Hatea, she governed over Kose for a good amount of decades, until she died, and for ten years there has been no power in the Land of Kose. That eventually was broken when one day a 13 year old girl was caught laughing with numerous forest spirits deep within the woods of Kose by officials. Her name was Karratha, and once she was caught, she was “prodded” to take up the position of governing Kose and became the third Queen of Kose. At first she refused, but eventually reluctantly accepted, and since then she’s been overseeing all aspects of Kose for nearly 30 years, and has defended Kose from harm thanks to the nature spirits.

About 18 years ago, Kose was always known as a supportive land, but on that year, Queen Karratha declared to isolate Kose from other lands, prompting numerous criticisms and sometimes violent disputes from inside and from outside lands. Once she told her people that the spirits would become restless if outsiders came to their land, and that they would also not protect them, the protests subsided.

But in a week’s time, events of unspeakable horrors have shadowed Bethumet, from the recent destruction of Diruch, the beginning of the Syria-Kenion war, and a foreboding entity in the Forest of Hylia, their sister forest. It was obvious that there needed to be a talk about this, so in the usual weekly meetings, there were a lot of important people in the room. I mean, the most important person in the room was Queen Karratha, and usually there’s just the General of Kose Hamburg, a stout and durable looking man who wore round light green armor and wears a light blue cape with dark blue colors embroidered on the sides, and her two loyal retainers Ray and Lute, but this time, while they were present in the room, the son and daughter of the Queen took part in this meeting as well.

The meeting took place in the Cathedral of Kose, a large light green building with four towering dark green columns and some vines wrapped around the columns and building. The room the meeting took place in was impressively wide, with numerous statues and a fireplace, green and light green and dark green colors all over the room, and a medium sized table in the middle of the room with gold chairs with a soft cushion on it and in those seats happened to be six very important people.

“All right,” said Queen Karratha, who has gold yellow hair, a cheeky white complexion and red lips, wears a long green dress and glass shoes and has a temper like kind of tone in her voice, “As always, we begin with the weekly status report of our neighboring lands. Ray?” She pointed to a man, who looked like he was in his early twenties and more like a common villager: black hair, a red t-shirt (he did have some muscles on his body and shoulders), grey pants, and black shoes, sitting in between the Prince of Kose and General Hamburg.

“Yes, my Queen,” Ray stood up, “As we are all aware of, Bethumet is in a time of crisis, and we already know of the dire news of a few lands, so me and Lute will go over what we’ve noticed on our separate missions. I was assigned to check out Kenion. While we know that they are heading to war, it was odd that Kenion would do a surprise attack on Syria, considering the obvious friendship between King Sorentine of Syria and King Numida of Kenion. So when I scouted with some men Tor Korse, the fort that Kenion attacked, I found a way to get some info from a few men in Kenion. Based on what I got, it’s obvious to me that “something” is different in Kenion.”

“How so?” said Queen Karratha.

“If you look back the past 20 years since King Numida was named King of Kenion, and compare it to this year, if it was a fight, the new King of Kenion would obliterate the past version. Back then he was known to be generous, flexible, consistent, and hearing the voice of his people and other countries. But this year alone he’s had secret slave camps, is less patient, demands more work from his soldiers and has recently been calling scientists and doctors to work on secret “experiments”.

“Experiments!?” jumped Hamburg out of his seat in shock. “Could he be working on “that” again?” he sounded like he knew what they could be doing.

“Hmm…maybe. Security’s ridiculously tight however, so I can’t confirm that. That’s it for my report is. Now, my lady,” he looked at Karratha, “I have a question that came up to me after this war was announced: simply, which side do we take?”

“…You already know which side we shall take,” snapped Queen Karratha, “None!”

“….In terms of the war or suppor-”

“Neither. You know that we are neutral and we shall remain neutral for as long as time allows.”

“Mother,” said the dashing Prince Alvis, a young man with short flame like hair, handsome, wears a green cape, a red shirt with a green circle as a design in the middle of it, light blue pants and brown shoes, in a concerning tone, “That’s not what he is trying to imply, he’s saying-”

“I’m saying that even if they take their war to our domain, we will drive them out.”

“…..Even despite the fact that we may be seriously outnumbered?” said Ray, “Well, I’m in no position to protest, so let’s hope for good fortune! Like I said, my report is finished. Lute!”

Lute, who sat between the Queen and the Princess of Kose, was a beautiful young woman who looked to be very young, had purple hair that went as far as her shoulders, wore a white mandarin gown that had numerous light green petals on it, had short green beads on her wrists, and wore white shoes, and once her name was said, she stood up, bowed to the queen, and spoke in a soft hearted voice,

“My queen, my report simply revolved around the Country of Norcelus, the bandit land. Like us they don’t really interact with other lands but unlike them they’ve remained in isolation for obvious despicable reasons. Now, we all know that Amgis has claimed control over the land using an unknown power that even I have been unable to figure out, and has formed a number of clans to use as his tools. Recently, I’ve learned that, even though this does not pose an imminent threat, the fact that there’s a secret faction seemingly trying to face Amgis might affect us down the road, so I decided to bring this to your attention. That concludes my rep-”

“Lute?” interposed Queen Karratha.

“Yes, my Queen?”

“…There has been nothing that tells us what Amgis’s powers are?”

“…I’m afraid to say I need more information and evidence, but since I had my sources check every corner on that land, they noticed a soft patch of ground that was unusually cold. Unfortunately, that is insufficient.”

“…I see. Well, any thoughts or questions so far?”

“…I’m intrigued, “said the young Princess Natasha, who had a fairly beautiful face, had the same gold yellow hair of her mom, wore a medium length light green one piece dress, black tights, and glass shoes, in a kind hearted voice, “Practically all of Bethumet is embroiled in chaos, yet there’s nothing wrong with Aurol. What is happening in Aurol?”

“Well, there’s nothing really to say about Aurol,” said Ray. “There’s just a bunch of complete idiots there.”

“Hmm? You have something for them too, right? I know you do, Ray.”

“…It has nothing to do with this situati-”

“Any information that is questioned in this room,” interposed the Queen, “Shall be answered. Ray?”

Ray sighed.

“Ok, Ok….two weeks ago,” he spoke timidly, “Aurol’s queen and officials recently talked about the possibility of…..humans…procreating….with demons.” The room had eyes light up.

“What!?” yelled Natasha. The rest had similar sentiments.

“I don’t buy it though! We all know where those demons are! And of course, humans and demons procreating has to be a sin.” There was silence in the room for a few seconds.

“Anyone else?” Queen Karratha said meekly. Everyone was silent. The Queen sighed then said as if she was tired, “Well, we’ll adjourn our meeting after I have my final addition to today’s meeting. I spoke with the Nature Spirits yesterday, and they warned me to protect the Green Orb of Bethumet.”

“Protect it?” said General Hamburg. “It’s pretty well protected if I do say so myself, my Queen.”

“Yes I know. However, they told me that while Diruch was destroyed, their Red Orb of Bethumet was found missing from the town. The fact that thousands of Diruch soldiers were killed must mean they were trying to protect it. They said that the one who happened to destroy Diruch was an unknown creature named Fear.”

“…Fear? Who’s that?” said Prince Alvis.

“I don’t know. But whoever he is, to destroy an entire land by himself…he’s dangerous. We must have more soldiers guarding the orb, and I expect that to be done soon.”

“Yes, my Queen!” said General Hamburg in a commanding tone.

“All right then…this meeting is adjourned. Have a good day everyone.”

Located near the border between neighboring Syria and Diruch, the town of Thgil is a small area with normal houses and huts and such. When you talk about Thgil though, there’s only two things you mention: The Thgil hot springs, the best in all of Bethumet, as many people can feel healed and rested in a moment’s time and enjoy themselves; and the mercenaries for hire, the Thgil Mercenaries, a five team group of skilled men and woman who are at the top of their levels in skills compared to many of Bethumet’s warriors. They were formed two years ago after going through a rigorous training exercise for five years under their master, Shade Rivenwald.

The group consists of a healer, Catalena, who has short red hair that’s neck length, a delicate like complexion with her left eye red and her right eye blue, wears a pallid long dress with black tights and blue shoes; a wielder of the axe, Paragon, who’s bald, has noticeable muscles on arms and body under his red jerkin with blue shorts and black boots; a master spell caster of the fire and earth styles, Sachi, also second in command of the Thgil Mercenaries, who has a bright like complexion with small squinty eyes, short black hair, wears a medium length black dress with yellow symbols on the sides of her dress and white sandals; a wielder of the sword and lance and the general advisor of the Thgil Mercenaries, Lane, who was described earlier; and the leader of the Thgil Mercenaries, Tyrande, a master of every level of light magic training and handles the sword with extreme grace and refinement. She’s a young blue eyed girl with a calm complexion, wears light but sturdy light blue armor to protect her body, wears a blue cape, and a light blue skirt along with brown boots. These five warriors were very superior in speed and skill from the average person, and have been asked to do tasks by many high ranking countries such as Kenion and Nagrun, but they mainly work in the Land of Diruch, or specifically in their hometown, Thgil, not just to do their tasks, but to support their town.

Anyways, their next job happened to be given to them a week ago by Syria, who requested aid in their war against Kenion. They wasn’t sure if they wanted to take on a large job like a war, which would require a lot of resources and manpower. Mayor Nimna insisted that they accept the job. After much consternation and talk, they eventually did just that.

Today though, as it was time to see Mayor Nimna off, two new developing stories have taken shape inside the mind of Tyrande. The utter destruction of Diruch by an unknown demon named Fear, and the Forest of Hylia, between Kenion and Aurol, just recently corrupted in horrible fashion and changed for the worse has left her in a somber mood.

“So, what’s the situation?” said Tyrande to Lane in the mercenary fort that the town of Thgil created for them.

“Mayor Nimna has asked us to be present in about an hour’s time to see King Shane, and to have a final talk before we depart to Syria.

“…I see….”

“…Are you feeling right? You don’t seem to be your usual self, Tyrande.”

“W-what? I’m quite fine, thank you!” was Tyrande’s irritated response.

“Well, I don’t know how anyone can be fine in these times, Commander.” Walked in a kind voice at the mercenaries’ door.

“Catelena! Took you long enough to get back!” Tyrande said in glee as she ran towards her.

“I was only gone for 2 hours, Commander! Considering the state our world is in right now, helping the poor helps my soul stay calmed.”

“I should have joined you. How far did you go out?”

“I went from here…to York…to Nexton…and back here. But enough about me, commander. Look, this is going to be our first experience with war. You can’t hide your true emotions! I’m sure that we’re all nervous!”

“….Well, not me….”

Catelena giggled.

“You’re such a bad liar! I think you forget that I can sense emotions in a stable area!”

Tyrande groaned.

“You don’t have to tell everyone! Well it doesn’t matter. I just hope that this war ends sooner rather than later… but I doubt it…”

After a few minutes time, Tyrande walked out of the fort, and after traversing the town to ease her emotions, saw a familiar face run up to her and scream,

“TYRANDE!!!” Tyrande stopped and yelled sarcastically,

“Oh, hey Paragon! You seem unusually excited today!”

“Oh, and as well I should!” said Paragon in a bold voice. “Just look at this baby!”

“Ah! I see why you’re so unusually happy today! With that Golden Axe, why wouldn’t anybody?”

“Yes, I know! I can’t wait to show this to the guys! They’ll be foaming all over their mouths just to look at this beauty!”

“…..My dear, dear Paragon….” sighed Tyrande.

“Hey, Tyrande?”


“You don’t feel too hot about our new job, huh?”

“…It’s extremely risky. I don’t understand why Nimna would advocate us for this job. Sure, we’re very skilled mercenaries,” both Paragon and Tyrande were walking slowly back to the fort, “But war is probably a lot different than our jobs we’ve done. We could lose you! We could lose Catalena! We could lose our group. I think sticking to the mercenary jobs that don’t include wars would have been fine for me.”

“I can understand how you feel, Tyrande. But let’s face it, we have to do what’s right and get to the bottom of what our reports cover. I think even you want to know what’s happening in Kenion right now, right?”

“Yeah, but-”

“Either way, Syria is who we regularly accept our jobs from, and with Diruch now gone, Syria’s our last country that we’re close to, and for most of us, our hometown. Now commander, I know you understand that!” He then smiled.

“….All right, all right…don’t you have an axe to show to everybody?”

“Huh? Oh yeah! I forgot! See ya later Tyrande!!!” Paragon ran into the fort. “Hey guys, LOOK AT MY BABY!!!!”

“…What a character…” Tyrande thought.

In an hour’s time the mercenaries left to the Mayor’s Hall, and while getting there was no trouble, having everybody together was another subject.

“Commander, where’s Sachi?” questioned Lane. She hasn’t been back from her scouting mission in Kose and they just realized she hasn’t been seen today.

“Hmm…she’s probably shirking her duties…” Thought Tyrande. Then she said, “Well, when she gets here, she gets here, I say! Let’s not waste any time!” So they headed into the hall, and after a few seconds of walking towards Mayor Nimna, they happened to hear the sound of a loud, excitable girly and shrill like voice that sounded familiar to the Thgil Mercenaries.

“Sachi?” said Paragon. “No way! That can‘t be her, can it?” Well, it couldn’t be someone else, I daresay. They walked up a bit towards Nimna’s room and as they walked they heard another familiar, but this time a surprising voice screaming.

“Sachi!!! No, please, calm down! You’re going to take me out with your lungs, not your skills! Stop!” As soon as the door was opened by Tyrande, thoughts of many different “vernaculars” that weren’t very pleasantly spoken erupted in the room as Tyrande, Paragon, Lane, and Catalena screamed,

“MASTER!!!!” and hugs of all sorts were performed on their master, Shade Rivenwald, who if he wasn’t impaled by Sachi, he sure was going to be now.

“No! Please, No! A-all right, all right, stop!!! I WANT TO LIVE!!!!” begged Shade, who has spiky flame like hair, black eyes on his cheery like face, has noticeable muscles on his shoulders, wears a dark green long sleeve shirt under his light green shirt, a black belt holds his light green pants and wears dark blue shoes. Under his belt is a sheath that holds an odd looking sword, but that’s not necessary to know right now, as he was obviously overwhelmed by the Thgil Mercenaries and had to deal with their outstanding delirium over him. While it in reality lasted only ten seconds, it felt like ten hours for poor Shade. “I can’t believe I’ve been treated this way! OW!” he yelled while his body was red from the hugs. “Courage, how dare you and your mercenaries treat me this way! You should all be more disciplined than this!”

For those who would like to know, and you should know, Courage is Tyrande’s nickname that Shade came up with her years ago. As they both go a good ways back, Tyrande accepts the nickname without complaint.

“Oh, Master! We haven’t seen you in ages! Give us a break!!!” shrieked Sachi, who was hanging on to Shade’s left arm until Shade politely swung her off.

“Master, you’ve changed rather dramatically,” joked Lane, “What happened to not complaining about us showing affection? That’s what you said to us a few years ago, before you formed the Thgil Mercenaries, did you not?” Shade had an absolute look of stupidity on his face.

“I-I u-uh d-don’t know w-what y-y-you’re talking ab-about!!!!” He stammered.

“Oh yes!” said Catalena, “You said you would pay us 1,000 gold each if you complained even the slightest bit about us showering you with affection!”

“NOOO!!! NO-NO-NO-NO-NOOOO….IT’S NOT TRUE!!!!” cried Shade as he had to pay up 1,000 gold each to the mercenaries. “How the hell did I know I’d see you all again!!!” Once he said that an interesting thought came up in the mind of Tyrande.

“Hey wait, that’s right! Master, you told us that wouldn’t see you again unless-”

“A great calamity…arises that might affect all of Bethumet. I’m sorry for ruining this joyous time you guys, but I need to tell you the unfortunate news that crossed me a few days ago.” The mercenaries shuddered while he said this.

“So, this is why I saw you heading to Thgil, Master Shade!” said Sachi in a more serious tone. “I’m sorry I forgot, you said you’d tell me when we got there, but-”

“Ah, that’s all right Sachi. Now…I guess I got some explaining to do.”

First Shade told everybody to sit down because it’s a long, long story, and after everyone sat down (he stood up so he could talk), he then said that word of what happened most likely had not reached every other nation just yet, so its safe to assume they’re the first ones to know. Then the last thing he said that was that what he will say will be utterly shocking, and while he could sometimes hardly believe it, he said he went to check it out and found out firsthand, so they’ll have to believe him.

“Why wouldn’t we believe you, Master?” Tyrande said.

“That’s easy. It just seems outlandish...all right, here goes. A week ago I was busy as usual as I trained in Takneo Shrine. I took a rare step out of the hidden barrier to feel some new air for once, as I’m rarely out nowadays. That’s when I sensed a strange disturbance in the air in the direction towards Nagrun. Now, I’m pretty far away from Nagrun, but I’m not far enough to sense energy, so I decided to check out what was happening in Nagrun. I was getting ready to leave, but someone I knew came to meet me outside the shrine and delivered me a message.”

“What message was that?” said King Shane, who has obviously been found by the mercenaries.

“Ah, that was for something unrelated to this issue and actually very important to me, so I‘d like to keep that disclosed. However once the messenger showed up, I asked if she would do me another favor and find out what was happening in Nagrun. It took two days, but she came back and informed me of a disaster of epic proportions…Nagrun was gone.”

At this the room was silent for a total of 15 seconds, until King Shane nearly laughed.

“Oh don’t worry King Shane, I cried my eyes out as soon as she told me this. Nagrun? Destroyed? It was impossible for me to believe. After she begged me to see for myself, I decided to check it out. It took me a day and half to get to Nagrun, and when I got there, I was stunned to see the disaster that was Nagrun. Homes were gone. The ground was colored with blood. Dead men, women, and children were colored with blood. Livestock was covered with blood. I took a look around and saw numerous soldiers with missing body parts. The bridges and towers were completely obliterated. I could not believe what I saw. I thought I was stuck in a dream. It took about 15 minutes for everything to sink in, and from there, I knew there was trouble, and came to inform you. I thought that we could do something about this, but Mayor Nimna told me of something just as bad as this: The Syria-Kenion war.”

After he finished saying that, the entire room was in stunned silence. While it was only two minutes (it felt like a very long two minutes, probably felt like two hours), everyone except Shade thought about how the greatest military country on Bethumet, Nagrun, was obliterated so suddenly and most importantly at a bad time.

“I…I cannot believe this!” a very dejected Shane said. “It’s impossible!!!”

“I can hardly believe it either,” said Nimna, “But we sent a request about sending us some soldiers a week ago, and this may explain why we have not heard from them.”

“Where…Where do we turn to now!!??!” said a nearly panicked Tyrande. “We…we can’t deal with this! Not as the way we are! We need more forces!”

“Well sadly,” Responded Shade, “Right now, we don’t even know what force or country did this. The annual Country meetings are two months off, but I’m rather sure no one’s showing up for that now. Everyone, while they respect Nagrun, hates that they were blessed with the elite forces while they were not. There’d just be numerous finger pointing, an event no one needs.

“Now back to the point, the only thing we can do right now is to focus on this war. With Nagrun gone, I believe that we still have more units and soldiers than Kenion with the combination of Diruch and Syria, so I don’t see any prob…hey, Courage, why are you looking at me like that?” Lane told Shade what happened to Diruch a few days ago.

“What??? They’ve been destroyed as well??? Now this is disastrous!”

“Both Nagrun and Diruch destroyed.” said Nimna. “There must be a connection!”

“There’s no way,” said Tyrande. “As we reported, the villagers were evacuated in Diruch, meaning that there was no surprise attack, where this one clearly was, and this was done by one figure, not by a force.”

“Oh, I see…wait, one person destroyed Diruch?!?! Who did that?!??” said Shade.

“Um, I was told by the commander of the knights Rando that his name was the opposite of the name you gave me.”

“…Fear, huh? …I see….well no matter! I think we’re still skilled enough to take on Kenion, especially since I’m joining the war myself.” The mercenaries looked a little shocked. “Well, the faster this war is over, the better, huh? My skills should be good enough to at least do something! Of course, I’m going to need some help. I can’t do this by myself. Hey, if you guys are going to look at me like a bunch of idiots, I could easily just pack it up and head back to Takneo Shrine and—NO!” The mercenaries grabbed him all over the place, prompting Shade to panic.” I-I was just kidding! Let me go! Damnit, let me go!!!” And while times in Bethumet are daunting right now, there’s always a time to have a smile on your face, as the spirit of good times rises…at least for now.

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