Fear 3


Chapter 14:
Hating What Fate Hands You.

By: Justin

At the age of 17, Queen Karratha was just one of many young women who would rather try and find someone to love rather than govern an entire nation. Four years ago she was elected Queen of Kose, and while she made people's lives in her land happy, she was terribly miserable. She could not stand the amount of work she had to do, the decisions required of a Queen, everything. She enjoyed speaking to the nature spirits, but never felt like she had any time for them freely as she herself felt like she had no time for rest.

One day, she was coming back from a party in Diruch. On the return trip, she and her soldiers were attacked by numerous assassins. Skilled and precise, the assassins overwhelmed her soldiers and it seemed certain that she would have been killed as well. But out of nowhere, a tall, fiery haired man jumped over her carriage that she was in, and then killed the assassins in mere seconds. After it was over, she stepped out of the carriage to meet her rescuer. As soon as they laid eyes on each other, they couldn't seem to look anywhere else.

"H-hello. I'm glad I...saved you." said the mysterious man. Karratha was blushing rather uncontrollably.

"He...hello! You...You s-saved me right? Thank you!" she tried to bow, but somehow she fell on the ground.

"Are you ok?" the man said as he helped her up.

"I-I'm fine..." they both then started to stare at each other for what was a fairly long time. Love at first sight seemed to apply to them as the man, named Shade, and Karratha eventually got married almost a year later. At the end of that year, young Alvis was born. The next year Natasha was born. It seemed like everything set up perfectly.

That is, until one day, a mysterious hooded person passed by on a caravan on the road and dropped an odd shaped sword. Shade, coming back from training, saw the sword on the ground as he passed by. He thought it looked interesting and decided to take it with him back to Kose and have it checked out by an expert blacksmith. But as soon as he grabbed the hilt of the sword, an eerie voice seemed to speak in his thoughts.


Shade did not understand what was going on. He looked around in every direction to see where the voice came from.


"W-who are you? Stop hiding and come out!"

The voice laughed.

You...are quite...powerful...young Shade...a power...like yours...I wonder what kind of pain...you shall...be dealt...

"Pain? Once you come out and show yourself, I know what kind of pain you'll be dealt!"

Foolish youth...I've already come out...and you just happen to be holding me...

Shade then looked at the sword and dropped it immediately because it glowed bright purple.

"What...damn it!? Die!"

I wouldn't...do that if I was you...Shade held up using a powerful spell on it.

IF...you value...human lives...that is...

"...Now what?"

Good boy...now...if you did kill me...you'd just cause everyone...to slowly die...each and every day.

Shade was rather horrified.

Oh...it's not bad...

"That would be disastrous!!!"

Well...if you believe so...I don't mind actually...

"Well, I guess you of all people...or weapon...ah whatever! Some one like you would believe that's the case!"

Well...if you were a weak individual...you would be dead right now.... and so would everyone around you....your power is what keeps me from doing what my master intended...

"...I see. But, what now? I don't want you!"

...You don't have any choice...you grabbed me...and now...my powers are at your disposal...

Shade seemed somewhat relieved.

"So...I can use you for good, huh?"

...I hope....that you don't...

"So, I win!"

Wrong...it's hard to win...when you're cursed...

Shade was totally stunned.

"C-Cursed?!?! No...no way..."

Yes...terribly so, too...I have to enjoy myself...in some way...

"You vermin!!!"

HAAHHAA...you are so terribly irritating...anyways...there are three types of curses...you will be fated with one...

The sword explained those three curses: One curse is where Shade would be exiled from his hometown for all of eternity.

I believe...that is the best curse...to have...personally...

One curse would be Shade having to leave a place where he's eternally loved by all, in order for them to be protected. One curse would be where, in order to protect the world from being destroyed, he would have to kill the one he loves.

That made Shade drop down like a stone to the ground.


Well...you seem to have...someone to love...I know you wouldn't want that, now would you...

"Damn you!!!"

...You continue to have these wild emotions...anyways...in order to determine the curse, you have to unsheathe me... then I'll tell... your dark fate...

Shade obviously did not want to pick up that sword, yet he had no choice. So, he grabbed the sword, thought about having any other curse than the last one, and unsheathed the dark edged sword.


"Well?!?! Which one did I get?!?" demanded Shade.

...It could...have been worse...

Shade let out a long sigh.

...If you value the lives of the people of Kose... you better leave as soon as possible...

Shade did not feel total relief over this; in fact, he couldn't even move for a good two minutes. But overall, that was better than killing his one and only love in Karratha.

He miserably walked back into Kose, Kalgorith under his belt, and into the Cathedral of Kose. As soon as Karratha came to greet him, she immediately knew something was wrong.

"Shade? What's wrong? You...you look terrible!" when Shade explained why he felt terrible, she immediately fainted. It took her 15 minutes to finally regain consciousness, and when she did, she was in an immediate state of panic. "No! Please don't leave me! You can't! It could be a trick!!!"

"And if it isn't? I'll lose you!" screamed Shade as they both held each other's hands. "I'll...I'll never forgive myself if I did that!"

"But I...I don't want you to go!!!" she started sobbing, "Just toss away the sw-"

"I would have done that already! I can't!" They went back and forth over this for what seemed like hours. Eventually Shade convinced her that he had to go. Karratha wanted to follow him, but they both knew that it she left, the Nature Spirits would cause utter chaos, chaos no one needed.


"...I did make one last futile attempt to stop him...but it was unrealistic...anyways...that's the truth of it, my daughter." said Queen Karratha as she finished up her story on the curse.

Natasha could hardly comprehend it.

"Why...why did it...have to happen like that..." cried Natasha.

"I don't know...just terrible luck, I guess."

"So...I may never see my father again? You think I can go and see him after the war is..." Natasha's voice trailed off when her mother looked downtrodden.

"I don't think...with that curse still on him...that we can see him just yet."

Tyrande could only smile as she finally stepped in.

"I'm sorry to say this..." Karratha and Natasha seemed jumpy when she said that, "But when the war is over...I'm fairly sure that he'll fly down here as quick as lightning!"

Karratha was in utter shock.

"What?!?! What are you saying!?!"

"What I'm saying is that thanks to Takneo Shrine...the Dark Sword Kalgorith...has been purified. Shade is no longer cursed anymore."

Karratha and Natasha soon broke down into tears as they wept happily about the news.

"When...did you...find out about this wondrous news!" exclaimed a happy Karratha.

"About four months ago. If the Syria-Kenion war didn't happen, and that unknown force that destroyed Nagrun never came to pass, he would have seen you without even telling his loyal student!"

"Oh...thank you...thanks for telling us...Tyrande..."

After the three talked for a few more minutes, Tyrande said that she had to go. Both Natasha and Karratha said their good-byes and hoped to see each other again soon.

After looking into Kose's direction one more time, Tyrande realized that it was time to head to Takneo Shrine.

"Fear," thought Tyrande, "I finally figured it out...I'm just a part of your game...you expect me to get stronger...that's why I'm still here today. Why...why you want me to get stronger I don't know...but I know that I can't beat you the way I am. So I promise you," she looked defiantly into the sky, "I will make you pay for all of your crimes!!!"


In the year of 23, a war between the humans and the demons took place, with the humans winning the war. As the victors of the war the humans were able to breathe fresh air and drink clean water and see the sky. The demons, on the other hand, were forced to see mostly darkness and deal with staying alive as they lived in Varusch Dungeon. The dungeon before the demons made it their home was known as a place where dead spirits lived to roam and destroy those who wished to explore the cave. Now it was known as a hell-hole and a chaotic place to live. To further the suffering of the demons, a blue octagon like seal with six small circles on the front was created, making sure no one could get in or out. It's been that way for over 500 years.

It seemed like it would stay that way, but a black haired creature stood at the dungeon staring at the seal, studying its features. After five minutes of gazing at it, the creature clenched its left claw, emanating a light purple energy from it, and shot it in the direction of the seal. The seal seemed to absorb the energy taken, but in seconds the seal crumbled into pieces. The creature ran into Varusch Dungeon.

As rumors and stories have said, Varusch Dungeon is dark, dreary and full of despair and a sense of wrongness. There wasn't any sign of positive energy in the dungeon. There were numerous cells with corpses or bones put in awful and rather indescribable positions. Spirits in all shapes and sizes seemed to float around in numbers, some of them carrying dead souls with them. None of that fazed the creature. In fact, the entire dungeon seemed to be terrified of it as the negative energy died out completely. The spirits who immediately laid eyes on it vanished out of its sight. Walls that seemed like it hardly had anything hidden from them welcomed the creature with open arms like it was going to attack them.

After about ten minutes of running in the dungeon, the creature stopped and found itself in a wide circular room with flickering candles on the side of the walls. It only took a few steps inside the room before it got attacked by demons of all shapes and sizes. After jumping to dodge the initial blow, the creature slashed any, or in this case, every demon in its way. After the parade of demons attacking it ended, the creature ran again. It stopped again when it found itself in a wide, spacious part of the dungeon and seven tunnels in front of it. It didn't take long for it to figure out which way to go as it ran forward. After running for a good ten minutes, it smelled something coming. Or rather, it smelled a lot of things coming. The creature could only grumble in annoyance as demons once again came after him, this time in his direction. It was a one way rectangular path, so moving would be a challenge.

Unfortunately for the swarming demons, they found out how they had no advantage in facing this creature. It simply slashed through each and every one of them. Even after wave after wave of demons coursed through the path to attack, only to be killed by the creature, they believed that sheer mass numbers would finish this creature. Problem is, not an entire battalion could even touch the creature. The powers it possessed were miles upon miles ahead of what these paltry demons could muster. It was unevenly one sided, with no hope for the demons to survive. After 20 minutes of shredding and tearing apart legions of demons, the creature, with all different sorts of blood on him, continued to proceed towards its goal.

The creature walked into an odd shaped room, considering the state of the dungeon in the first place: it seemed rather human like, as from top to bottom everything was clean. A silver carpet lay in the middle of the room. The smell of the room was human like as well. The only thing demon like was the blood covering the walls of the room. The creature grumbled over the state of the room and its inconsistency. It quickly lost that thought when it saw at the end of the room a purple orb glowing brightly on top of a broken statue. It walked forward to take what it desired.

But immediately the orb got sucked into the wall. The wall then changed colors, from red to grey, and a snake like figure with long stone like green hair and blue eyes emerged from the wall, laughing madly at this sight.

"Welcome to my lair!" hissed the voice of a woman, "My name is Asudem! Itsss rare to see a new demon like you in these partsss!" The creature responded by glaring angrily at the snake. "My, my, quite the silent type you are! I love those silent typesss!" The creature stood like it was about to fight. "So, think you can take me on? I love the bold typesss, but not the stupid onesss! You'll regret ever challenging me!!!" she lunged at the creature with her jagged and poisonous teeth, but missed horribly as the creature hopped to its right. Then it slashed her stomach as she ran into the door. Surprisingly enough, nothing happened. "My fine little demon!!!" hissed hysterically Asudem, "My body is made of fine stone!!! No one is capable of breaking me!!!" The words "No one" and "break" didn't seem to register with the creature. It continued to slash at her body without her being able to locate it, but her claims seemed to be true as there wasn't even a dent on her body. "Fool! I told you nothing can break me!!! You're just an annoying insect to me!!!" she repeatedly tried to lunge at the creature, but it was entirely just too fast and her attacks were entirely just too inept for her to hit it. "Curse you! Stop moving so much!!!" the creature seemed to take those words to heart. It smiled back at her while chanting a silent spell. All of a sudden, the creature moved in circles with abnormal speed. It ended up causing a tornado, one Asudem was not happy to be a part of. "Dammnn yoouuuu!" her voice echoed amidst the wind. The tornado ended up causing multiple cracks on her body. The creature saw this and immediately slashed at those cracks, breaking her into multiple pieces.

After a minute of respite, the creature shook off some of the blood on its already blood ridden body and coat then proceeded to look for the purple orb. The search didn't last particularly long. It found the orb right next to the dead snake's tail. It picked it up, stared at it in amazement then put it away. It took about 30 minutes for the creature to get back to the entrance. After it walked out of the entrance, it smelled another wave of demons, this time trying to head out of the dungeon.


"Finally! We're free!!!"

"Time to make those humans pay!" was many of the words the demons shouted out loud. The creature chanted a spell. It didn't seem like it did anything as nothing slowed the demons down. It walked away. After a few seconds of walking, screams of agony were heard as a red octagon like seal with numerous scars on the front and back killed off any demon who tried to exit the dungeon. While flying away, it scoffed,


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