Fear 3


Fear: Courage's Golden Sun

By: Justin

There was a lot of excitement going on around the area. People were selling strange and exotic items to those who wished to buy. There were numerous events of entertainment and fun. It was a rather festive time.

There was a figure that walked through the crowd. She seemed new to town, so each person she passed greeted her with,

"Welcome to the Forest Festival! Welcome to Kose!" she smiled back warmly at them as she continued to go through the crowd. After much walking, she ended up standing at a large cathedral. She walked right in.

"Ah, hello," said the guard, "Welcome to the Cathedral of Kose! You must be the special guest the Queen told me about. Follow me!" she said that she knew where to go, so the guard let her go. But she was a little stunned to find out that the room where the Queen used to be was changed into a library for study. "I should have known you'd try and go in there!" said the guard who followed her because he expected her to go to that room. "Now I bet you'll be willing to follow me now, huh?" so she followed the guard this time, but was more or less upset. The room was a lot farther in the cathedral than it used to be. "I know...I know...it's pretty far, right? They decided to move all the way back here for some reason...I preferred it in the front myself..." after ten or so minutes of walking, they made it to a hall where the lights were not green but yellow. The wall was gold, with vine symbols carved on the walls, and with a burgundy ceiling. The door was huge, and heavy. It was more or less concrete. The guard pushed the maroon door, and it opened into a beautiful room. The walls had numerous pieces of art hanging up. There were two large, rectangular shaped windows at each end of the walls. There was a large brown table in the middle of the room with two chairs on all four sides of the table. There were two people sitting at the front and one person sitting on the right side of the table.

They smiled happily to see a familiar face.

"Ah..." said a woman who wore a gold tiara along with a long black dress, had gold yellow hair and green eyes, "My...how time...flies!"

"You look so different!" said a woman with blue hair, wore a green dress and tights.

"...Hello, Queen Karratha. Princess Natasha. Lute!" said the woman, "It definitely has been a while, hasn't it?" while the guard left She walked up to hug her long time friends. "I don't look that different, do I?"

"You're so...tall..."

The woman laughed.

"Lute...this is just a physical change. I was pretty young, you know! This is natural. You, on the other hand...I...I can't defend this. Blue hair?"

"What? I like change! Purple hair didn't suit me anyways!"

"You? Like change?" stepped in Princess Natasha. She wore a long white dress, and had gold yellow hair as well. "You started a rebellion against changing the room!"

"But, but that was a huge change! We moved all the way down to nowhere!"

"I'd tend to agree." said the woman. They all laughed. After they all sat down, there was a long chat about many of events, some of them sad, some of them funny. It seemed like days that they talked.

"Wow...I still can't believe it!" said Lute, "I mean...it's been ten years since we've seen you! I...can't let that go, Tyrande!"

The woman was taken aback.

"...Man, it has been a while, huh? I...haven't used that name in ages!" as soon as she said that, Lute, Natasha, and Karratha had a look of disbelief. "What?"

"Are you kidding me?" said Lute

"How could you forget your own name?" said Natasha.

"It's not that I forgot...it's just that...I've decided to use my...master's name now."

"...Shade..." said Queen Karratha.

"...Father..." murmured Natasha.

"...I know...I...must apologize...I should not have brought that up--"

"Please...don't dwell on it! I know...it...pains me to know that...I have never met my father before...but I still feel like he'll be with me forever. Don't beat yourself up about it!

"Besides," said Karratha, "Knowing Shade...he at least went out fighting!

"That's pretty true. If it wasn't for him...I wouldn't be here right now...

"What do you mean?"

"...You see...ten years ago...I did fight Fear as you all know..."

"And you beat him and made him pay for the suffering he's caused Bethumet!" yelled Lute.

"...Well...I didn't beat him..." Lute gasped.

"Shade beat him then?!?" asked Karratha.

"Shade...died before that unfortunatel--"

"Then wait," Natasha said, "How did Fear die???"

"...The Legendary Sword...Rangoon..." said the woman. "I learned that there are two Legendary swords: Kalgorith, a sword that I have honed to work for good...and Rangoon, a blade that can conceivably destroy the world. Fear...he managed to use that abnormal sword on me once. With one single stroke...I was done. That attack, no matter what kind of hope I had, ended me. I was probably half-dead as I lost all sense of everything. Fear knew what he was doing all along that day, as he stalled me so he could use my power, along with the Seven Orbs of Bethumet and that strange light I saw, to get Rangoon out of hiding. But Fear failed to use the blade twice, as he died from the strain of using it again."

"If...if he used that blade on you...how are you still here!?!?"

"I thank Master for that. Even though he was dead, he had one more trick up his sleeve. He healed some of my wounds, then sent me to Takneo Shrine. I heard his voice call out to me and say, 'Courage...it's time to say goodbye...by the time you wake up, my spell will be over...I was hoping that I could give you a proper goodbye...but circumstances being what they are...there's no way. Heh, I should have known it was going to end this way. Why am I shocked? Anyways, please...live your life to the fullest...enjoy each day and always cherish the world. Goodbye Courage. Also say goodbye to Karratha for me...and my two children as well...' I had to lie in the sacred waters of Takneo Shrine for a day before I was even able to move my body. I managed to get near a hospital for further treatment, and they referred me to a hospital in Syria."

"I see..." said Karratha, "You had to have been there for a long time, right?

"Yes...I was there too long...practically ten years."

"...Scary..." said Natasha.

"My sentiments exactly. Once I got out, I had to go back to Thgil immediately. It felt so wrong to be gone for long from my hometown!"

After that, they continued chatting for the day, but it started to get rather late.

"Hmm...the festival is winding down..." said Karratha. "We're going to have to get ready in about an hour!"

"Oh...no...do I have to do this???" moaned Lute.

"You have to!" giggled Natasha.

The woman had no clue what was going on. She decided it was best not to know.

"It...definitely doesn't sound too good for you, huh Lute? It pains me not to be able to see it..."

"No...you have to leave???" said Karratha.

"Yes...I have so much work to do! I've been doing too much resting! Not doing what I regularly do for a living doesn't suit me, so me and a mercenary friend of mine have to get to work! We've been hired to look for someone!

"Oh...can't you have fun for one more day?" said Lute.

"Sorry...I just have too much catching up to do. And I'd consider it fun for me! So," she got up, "This is good bye for now!" she hugged Lute, Natasha, and Karratha, then walked towards the door. She bowed, and while opening the door, Karratha yelled,

"Wait a minute! Get back here!"


"You haven't even told us what name Shade's gave to you!"

"Oh...yeah that's right! Well, if you must know...hey don't give me that look! But if you must know, Shade gave me a name that is the opposite of Fear! Now, see ya around!" she left the room.

The three quickly realized what name it was. Then they laughed aloud.

"Courage!?" laughed Lute.

"What a weird name! You would think Father would be better at naming people!" laughed Natasha.

"That's why I did the naming," boasted Karratha. "Thankfully I never let him try! But...you know...she certainly does have a lot of courage in her...because no matter how it happened...she saved the world from certain destruction. She was the only one to do so."

The only one that was capable.

-The End.


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