Fear 3


Chapter 16:
The Countdown of Bethumet's Destruction.

By: Justin

Syria made it into the heart of Kenion in a week and a few days' time after capturing Andrun Castle. The Syrian forces were preparing as this was the last day.

"This war is almost over...." thought Fayre as Kenion was finally going to pay for its crimes as he rested on his cot in his tent. " Soon I'm going to learn under Tyrande"

"I'm going to be a million times stronger than I am today," said Tyrande to Fayre before she had left to undergo the trials of Takneo Shrine. "You better at least get to a thousand!!!" It was at that point that Fayre began to hope that today would be the last day, because he would be heading to train with Tyrande immediately.

"I guess this war will end soon!" walked in Shade without knocking, which alerted Fayre to get up and bow to him.

"Hello, Commander Shade! What are your orders?"

Shade chuckled.

"Calm down! We're a few hours away before we strike. Everyone has to get ready. I just came to check up on you! You've been working really hard lately!"

"WellI have to do what I can!"

"Glad to see you're all right. Well, I'll see you later!"

"Wait!" Shade stopped. "Can I ask you a question?"

"What is it?"

"Could you tell me more about Tyrande?"

"Courage, eh? Hmm where do I start" after sitting down on Fayre's cot, Fayre implored by Shade to sit down as well, he told her about how he met Courage in the first place. He told him about how he she was abandoned as a baby.

She was not well liked in the orphanage she was placed in. It didn't take her a while to get tossed out because of an alleged, "Incident", Shade said with disgust, and after that, he ended up taking Courage with him. As the years went by, she started to grow as a person and Shade sensed that she had a lot of potential. So from realizing that, he trained her day and night for 10 years, and now,

"She's finally gonna complete her training!!!" Shade said with joy. "You better prepare yourself: her training might be more difficult than mine, and she nearly died at least 34 times...."

"Is that supposed to intimidate me?" suggested Fayre

"Of course not. You don't seem to be intimidated by anything!" after they talked for a few more minutes, Shade left the tent. After a few more hours, Fayre focused on ending this war as along with a number of Syrian soldiers, walked in the hail like rain towards Kenion. After about 30 or so minutes of getting prepared and positioned, the Syrians were ready to fight.

The Kenions were not as they looked dead and uninspired. They were spread sporadically all over the open field like inexperienced recruits in training. It was like they either did not expect Syria to attack them or they were disorganized. It's not like it mattered. As soon as the sound to charge occurred, Syria's forces attacked Kenion. Fayre charged with the last remaining strength and vigor in his body and fought with impressive power and skill. He dodged a whole assortment of moves, and used his lance with great smarts as he killed countless enemies in his way. This battle with Kenion did not last even 40 minutes. Most Kenion soldiers fled the scene. Some just killed themselves in battle. The battlefield was pretty clear. It was all over.

 "Hah.....inally...." Fayre said before almost collapsing, but a nearby friend picked him up.

"You loser Fayre, always fighting without taking an elixir to regain your strength! Drink up!" yelled Adrian, and Fayre said after drinking,

"I wasokay youdolt...I was just resting a bit....it's nice to see you again" so the two joked and kidded around as they headed back along with a few soldiers towards the Syrian camp to prepare for their celebration. While they headed back, Adrian saw something. "Hey Fayre, what the heck is that?" the thing they saw was some sort of orb, shining brightly white, stuck in the ground amidst a few dead bodies. 

"Whatever," Fayre shrugged. "It's not too important. Let's go back." Adrian refused to listen to that.

"HELLLLOOO? FAYRE? I think you forget that if you win, whatever you find that's valuable is ours. To the victory go the spoils! The usual war time quote!" He said while picking it up, and then said, "All right, now we can go back, ok?"

"Ok fine what the what the heck is that!" Fayre shouted as some strange figure was flying from the sky with huge black wings and descended quickly to the ground, right in front of Adrian.

"W-what the heck are you!!??" Adrian shouted, a lance directed at the figure. The creature looked at the weapon, and then looked at Adrian. Two seconds later, the weapon was shredded in all sorts of pieces. In the creature's left arm held the white orb. In the other hand was a head....that pretty much says it all.

"..A-A-D--DR..." Fayre was incapable of saying anything relevant. He was just too stunned at what he saw. The soldiers couldn't even move.

The creature stared intently at the whitish orb, it glowing, beaming with energy, and full of hidden potential. It knew that its task was almost complete. It motioned to fly away, but noticed that it wasn't going anywhere without a fight.

"YOU BASTARD!" screamed Fayre, intent on avenging his fallen comrade. His strikes with his lance looked like it could have broken a wall, or destroyed a building. The problem was he was so enraged none of his strikes would ever scrape the powerful creature. Refusing to waste any time, the creature disappeared, slowly stopping Fayre, and by the time a voice screamed out,

"FAYRE!" it was too late. The last words Fayre mumbled out of his mouth was,

"Why" then after that blood poured out of Fayre's stomach like a waterfall to the ground. When all the blood fell to the floor, a dark spherical ball wrapped around the creature's right claw emerged in the stomach, and shortly after that, every body part of Fayre's body fell like rain in slow motion, and eventually all were laid out in random positions. The soldiers were absolutely terrified at what they just saw. Some repeatedly urinated themselves. Some just stood like statues. One soldier fell back with a look that defines pure terror. Shade could only mutter out,

"No Damn it...." as he couldn't believe he just allowed this to happen.

After the creature shook some blood off of its claw, it looked directly at Shade, feeling that its greatest obstacle stood in its way.

"Go...." were the words Shade used to get the soldiers to respond to him." I SAID GO!!!!!" and immediately the soldiers heard him and tried to run away as fast as possible, some though had to will themselves away from the battlefield. After two minutes of only the air whistling through the two's ears, there was no one else that could seemingly stop the two from facing each other. They both looked intently into each other's eyes, and then both went into battle position. In a matter of seconds, they charged.

After they both went into a stand still after a few attacks, the creature slashed at Shade in any way it could. Shade dodged and blocked each attempt, and counterattacked with a few punches at the creature but like Shade, the creature dodged and blocked as well. They both traded blows, causing parts of the battlefield ground to break due to the energy being dealt to each other, and some parts of the ground flew halfway thru the sky at some point in this battle. The rain came down harder than before. The grey skies turned vicious red, knowing that there's going to be a winner and a loser in the fight. Shade and the creature continued to trade a few blows, but after a few seconds reprieve, Shade chanted a quick spell, and a pool of light rose from the decimated ground and formed a barrier around him, causing the creature to stop its attack. The light immediately evaporated once it didn't get hit, and the creature slashed at Shade again, only to get a scrape of his shirt before he moved back. While he moved back, the creature then blasted from each claw a dark square looking shot, and Shade athletically twisting and turning as he did multiple handstands, until the blasts stopped coming and the creature was charging at him again. Shade, seemingly tired of the creature, yelled,

"BASTARD! NO MORE GAMES!" And pulled out a huge sword out of his sheath. The creature moved back and stopped to admire one of two Legendary Blades of Bethumet. "Meet your first taste of death, Kalgorith!!!" the energy in the area changed dramatically. The air felt weighted around both Shade and the creature.

"It's over, Fear. Good-bye."

Then a wave of bluish energy coalesced around the sword as Shade lifted it up straightway into the air, holding it, thunder pouring from the sky all over the sword, and waves of energy spreading out all over Bethumet. The soldiers from far away saw the energy and felt a newfound power that they struggled to find many, many minutes ago. When they saw it was Shade, they cheered him on as they felt that this was going to be it for the creature. As the power was brimming, the creature watched with a dead pale look in its eyes, seemingly unfazed by what it saw. The creature palmed its fist. A dark energy engulfed his entire body and then a dark fire-like looking phoenix emerged from the energy, and in five seconds they both unleashed their energy. The wave of energy sparked and flew all over the place, the ground crumbling under the pressure of the energy, and the sky for about a minute and half turning purple-blue like. During this moment, an abnormal and death-like scream felt like it shook the foundations of the earth, and that got everybody wondering what occurred.

"...With an inhuman sword in hand, comes an inhuman death in tow...."

The battle was over. The field was getting clearer and clearer. The soldiers from far away couldn't tell at first, and some at first thought they saw Shade. When it was obvious who was left, the soldiers felt that the weight of the world just expanded into something impossible for them to deal with. There were only two survivors standing: One was the creature, who stood tall and had a look of shock to its face. The other was a long red haired figure, with his gold-red boots, stepping all over the chewed up like body of Shade. The new figure and the creature stared at each other, the creature looking stunned to see it, the figure happily smiling. 30 seconds later, the creature kneeled down, looked up to the blue face of the figure, and said,

"T-Tomestorm...." In a low voice.

"Cizard. It's been a long, long time, since I have seen you."


"There are ten different possible trials you can face out of three," Shade said to Tyrande years ago, "but you'd have to be very unlucky to get the water trial. You don't want that."

Unfortunately, Tyrande was very unlucky as she happened to be deep underwater for the second trial. She thought her journey to get stronger was going to be literally washed away, but she soon realized that she could breathe. Then her life got strangely weird when she saw an odd frog with a black hat on its head, and wore a white uniform under its black suit. Tyrande looked like she couldn't believe what she just saw.

"Hut, 2, 3, 4, Hut, 2, 3, 4," the frog started shouting until he stopped and saw Tyrande, "Hello! Welcome to the second trial, Tyrande!!!" It said in a scary kind of glee. Tyrande didn't feel too right after hearing him say it that way.

"Umhello...uh....I guessI'm supposed to follow you, right? That's why you're doing-"

"Look, girl," the frog interrupted, "As much as it would be interesting to learn what you think of me, you, my young friend, are pressed for time. I'll explain in a minute." he then talked about his dilemma that he has to deal with. "You see, I'm the designated protector of the Sea, see? I'm the Sea King around these seas, see? So I need to see what is going on the sea. You liked that a lot right? RIGHT?"

Tyrande could not find it in her to respond.

"Ok, ok, so maybe that wasn't so good! But in all seriousness (Oh now you want to be serious Tyrande thought), a huge shark came to see my sea a few days ago. He basically kicked me out, and now is planning on destroying the sea that I worked so hard to oversee.....OWW! What was that for?"

After hitting him in the head, Tyrande disclosed to him that his jokes were horrifying and he should stop trying while he was ahead.

"Ok, ok...just don't hit me in the head, ok! I'm very sensitive...but I'm serious! You have to help me! You're here for a reason!!!" since that part of the story is true, that this has something to do with the second trial, she accepted.

"So, what do I have to?" asked Tyrande

"Wellnow that you have accepted the challenge, you must now pass this trial in under an hour. That's the allotted time I am able to keep you from breathing."

Tyrande looked around the area and looked dismayed.

"Wait, where in the world are we?"

"Um.....yeahhhh.....about that.....while it's nice that you found me...you landed in the middle of the sea. Or translation: nowhere...." Tyrande first uttered out a thousand obscenities after he said that. Then during her tirade, she seemed to not be capable of thinking straight. She eventually thought correctly. But that was when she saw the frog in her hands pleading and screaming, ".....goinngg tooo sssoolvee your problems! Gahh..." she put him down, apologized for her outburst, then said,

"Well, you have to do something! I don't know where you live!" she quickly thought of an idea. "Look, remember a favorite spot in your mind that can get us to where we need to go!" he wondered why, but after much imploring, he did it. Then Tyrande held out her right hand, and yelled, "Transpire!" A yellow seal emerged into the front of Tyrande, and engulfed both the frog and Tyrande. Almost immediately, they were in the King's city.

"Wowza! That's some neat ability!" The frog yelled in admiration. There was not much to admire about the sea city however. Buildings and statues were destroyed and reduced to rubble. The sea in the area was more a shade of purple than pure blue. The frog looked dismayed and upset, and couldn't believe this disaster. "I...I can't believe this! Why??? Man, when I see that beast, I'll give him a thing or two about messing with my city!" they carefully walked around the destroyed city to find the shark. The frog was walking behind her.

"Do you think that it went somewhere else?" suggested Tyrande.

"There's no way he's somewhere else! He's here! He just won't come out! Man, he better be ready too, because I'm gonna give him such a beating" he continued ranting about what he would do against the shark. All he ended up doing was hiding somewhere after he heard a loud, vicious scream from behind him. The blue skinned, dark bodied shark with red scars on many parts of its body appeared.

"I...am....Jagg...." said the figure said in an emotionless tone. "Die" he charged at Tyrande numerous times with extraordinary speed, almost eating her whole. After a few dives all around Tyrande, the purple water started to swerve around into a tornado. Tyrande had to dodge a lot of them, and each time she was coming close to being trapped in one. Tyrande tried to form some sort of spell, but not only did she have to defend herself from its speed, but the water slowed down her spell chants. Problem was she realized that she had no choice but to do something drastic. She was running out of time. So she stopped and started chanting a spell, with the creature then letting the water slash her away. She got slashed on her right and left arm, her left leg, and took a blow to her stomach. She still managed to cast her spell. That spell ended up being a light flash that blinded Jagg, and caused him to scream out viciously. As soon as he was able to open his eyes, a barrage of light spheres engulfed him and a large explosion ensued. The creature seemed to be no more after the air was cleared. The frog, after his long hiding, showed up and said,

"Heh, you kinda just barely made it: two minutes! I'm impressed! You defeated him! Great job!" he said excitedly while clapping. While still clapping some sort of electricity started generating and he directed at Tyrande. "Paralysis Shock!!" she was trapped in a sort of electrical rope. The frog laughed wildly. "This is what you get for not seeing through my see through plans in the sea! HAHA! Now that was funny! Nowenjoy your last minutes in the sea! HAHAHA!"

Tyrande laughed at what he said toofor all the wrong reasons.

  "Um, Mr. Frog? There was a reason why I hit you in the head. Not because you sucked at jokes, but," Tyrande's eyes flashed blue," Because you suck at ruses!"

"Wha GAAH!" Jagg the Shark, who was supposed to be dead, basically ate him whole. There was no mercy for that frog. As soon as he was killed, the portal to the last trial opened up. The water turned back pure blue, and the rope that Tyrande was in was gone.

"I am amazed," Jagg said in a venerable voice, "how did you know that I was being controlled?

"Well first off, I immediately knew by the frog's demeanor that there was something wrong. Acting all happy day when you just lost your kingdom? Doesn't make sense to me. What confirmed his deceit was when I used the spell Transpire. Sure, it takes me to a location to what some one else imagines. But it only works if that someone did something wrong in that imagination. As for knowing that you were controlled, those eyes of yours told me that you were being held by someone. I think you can figure out what happened from there!"

Jagg let out a good chuckle.

"Well, thanks for helping me out. Now obviously, you have passed the second trial. So, this is it. Good luck in the next trial. You might need it." Tyrande thanked him as well.

"Nowto take my last step towards facing Fear..." thought Tyrande as she passed the portal.


"Ah, what a magnificent castle this is!" the blue demon's face lit up like lights at the sight of the huge rooms, the vast paintings on the wall, and not a speck of dirt anywhere in the building. Cizard of course doesn't really care about the luxurious place. But considering Tomestorm's been away for a long while, he's reveling in glorious momentsand trying to forget a burning and forgettable past....


Year 24 of Bethumet, the human-demon war tore apart lands and ravaged city life. No soul on the earth was safe. Tomestorm certainly wasn't safe, as he walked all over Bethumet, mostly trying to find peace. But being naive and foolish, peace was all too hard to find. He deserted his family and friends, who joined the war, and tried to get away from it all. But he ran into trouble with each and every place he ventured to, with the demons scowling his name and the humans, well....yeah, there needs to be nothing said. He managed to survive thanks to his powerful demon abilities and was determined to use it for good.

One day, that thought changed.

Tomestorm was on another one of his treks to find peace, and after eating some food, was on the normal road to look for a place to stay until he heard from a distance,

"YA DAMNED DEMON!!!GET THE HELL OFF OUR ROADS!!!" Tomestorm heard a man's voice. He hid in the bushes and then snuck up to see what was going on: a black haired demon with no shirt and black pants was getting kicked and rocks thrown at him in every position.

"GO BACK TO YOUR ORGY-INFESTED BEASTS!!!!" screamed terribly a woman as she stabbed him in the back. Another human there continued to throw anything and everything at him, causing the demon to whelp in pain. Behind that same human, a little kid was behind him, blood on his hands. Tomestorm sniffed around, and figured out that human was beating up the kid, and the demon was only trying to help. Then the two other humans showed up and most likely assumed the demon caused the beating of the kid. Due to the kid's physical size and amount of sheer scare, plus the fact that he was hurt, he had no means to say much of anything. Tomestorm was not going to stand around and allow this to happen, so he emerged from the bushes and yelled,

"Cursed humans! Let's see you beat up this!" then he chanted a spell, and out of nowhere, a huge green orc appeared and smashed up the humans, leaving them with absolutely stunned looks as they were dead on the ground. Tomestorm, after the orc disappeared, chanted another spell, this time at the kid, and the kid fell asleep. After that, Tomestorm whispered silently to the kid,

"I hope you don't see that ever...again..." then the demon on the floor rose and said in a heavy tone,

"You know, that wasn't necessary....but thanks, I guess...."

"Whydid you allow yourself to get beaten up like that?" asked Tomestorm.

"It wasn't too bad. They weren't very strong, so I didn't have to worry about taking a lot of dama---"

"Butyou could have just run away"

"Then the kid would have diedI don't want to see someone so young die" The creature chuckled, "I know, a demon feeling sorry for a humanrather sickening

"NoI see what you was trying to do. You're just being yourself. I can understand that. You're not like many of the demons I've met so far!"

"Most of them are too concerned about ripping human's heads off instead of trying to find peace. What in the world happened to cause all this?"

"I don't know! But II'm stunned. Youshare my same views."

The creature smiled.

"Nice to meet someone who I can believe in. It's been a while since I can trust my own kind." they then began to talk for a while longer, and soon become pretty fast friends, each acknowledging each other.

"My name is Tomestorm. What's your name?"

"I have been called Cizard, so that is the name I shall take...." then for a week they together tried to find a place to stay permanently in peace, searching high and low, but could find no place to stay.

They soon learned that it was never going to happen. In a month's time they both ended up getting captured by a group of humans with powerful spells and weapons, and they were both incapable of dealing with the weapons they had. They landed in a foreign location that had the name, S.I.G.M.A. There were scientists wearing, oddly enough, a black coat with gold stripes on the shoulders of the coat. They flogged, drugged, and then tested the two demons every day in some sort of energy cube where light green liquid was in the entire cube. They were able to breathe because of that liquid, but they were weakened because of it as well. The scientists tried to see if they could not only control the beasts but make them abnormally stronger. Their experiments failed continuously, mainly because each demon continued to suffer with each day.

One day they were both considered to be useless and that same day, were ordered to be burned. Cizard looked worn down and lifeless. Tomestorm looked even worse: he looked like he had the blood sucked out of him. After they were dumped in the fire, a god-like scream emerged from the burns of each demon. It seemed like the norm in the organization, as they didn't seem the least bit surprised.

They soon grew surprised when one of their members screamed.

When they looked back, they saw the demons change: Cizard changed into a four winged creature wearing a black coat and grew muscle wise. Tomestorm grew taller than he was before while wearing a wore a blue cape over his shoulders, a turquoise jerkin where he had long black wide sleeves under it, a light brown belt, blue pants and brown boots. Because of their experiments, the scientists couldn't believe that fire was the best way to get their powers to grow. Unfortunately, they could not control them because once they emerged from the fire, blazing all over the both of them as they walked out, they both let out a blast of dark energy that looked like it blew up into the sky and destroyed the science building in the area.

After the energy cleared Cizard and Tomestorm looked at each other. They believed that the world must be destroyed, at all costs, before everything gets plunged into darkness.

A year passed since this rebirth. During that time the demons took the majority advantage in the war. Had Cizard and Tomestorm eliminated their desire to end the world, the human race would have utterly been wiped out. However, during the year long battles, they took some human researchers and forced them to find a weapon that could eliminate the world in it's entirely. They eventually found it: Rangoon was the blade's name, one of the two rumored Legendary Swords of Bethumet, and they found the cave where the blade stood. The researchers said that in order to use the blade, they needed power. So one day, with the sacrifice of a sizable amount of demons, Tomestorm raised the sword in his hands, and unleashed a massive power that should have destroyed the world. Unfortunately, it only destroyed a part of Bethumet and inflicted miserable wounds on Tomestorm. Thanks to the scientists' experiments he was able to recover from some of the terrible wounds by Rangoon. But he informed Cizard that he would be leaving to heal. It did not seem that Cizard and Fear would ever see each other again


Until today, year 550, Tomestorm has returned, most of his powers intact. He knows that he might be back too early, but realized Cizard had everything under control.

"I'm definitely glad things in this world are so weak. This makes our plan to destroy Bethumet even more of a reality, eh?" Cizard nodded his head.

"Still the quiet reserved one, huh? Rather unfortunate I'd say"

Cizard looked somewhat distracted.

" Hm....is something wrong, Cizard? You're not saying much-"


He shocked Tomestorm a bit, then used his right claw and pointed it at himself. That basically translated into "follow me." They both walked pretty far into the castle, until they got into a room where the room was lighted green and the windows were the ceiling. Tomestorm yelled in glee at the impressiveness of the room, and looked around the room, until Cizard said his name again,

"Tomestorm." with Tomestorm's attention, he pointed out the orbs in the middle of the room, and then pointed over to a circle right about a good few feet away from the orbs. 

"Cizard! You have something good up your sleeve, don't you?" still quite excited, he went to the circle, and as soon as he put one foot in the circle, he was shocked. Not literally shocked, however. Or then again, he was because of the person who did this to him, but he was lightning shocked into the middle of the green circle. Then a huge glass case fell on him. Tomestorm, now furious and angry, and most definitely not smiling anymore, screamed,

"W-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? I DEMAND AN ANSWER! CIZARD-" He stopped short on his words, mainly because Cizard, with his usual nondescript face, waved good-bye with his right hand while holding some odd shaped orb that was black and white. After crushing the orb, a huge red smoke appeared in Tomestorm's case, and after a minute's time of screaming, then silence, a shining orb appeared in the glass case.

Tomestorm, the enigmatic and sadistic figure, was nowhere to be seen.

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