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Chapter 2: Tyrande

By: Justin

“Commander! Commander! Commander!” said a kind sounding girl as she tried to get Rando to respond to her by shaking him. The commander, looking like he’s in a zone, zonked out after seeing the blue eyed girl. He arose in a more concerned state after a scream of, “COMMANDER!!!!” echoed throughout his ears. As soon as he felt alive (he repeatedly touched most of his body), he tried to scream at the girl right back until a sense of vertigo overtook him and he didn’t say anything intelligent as the girl looked at him with sincere concern in her eyes. “P-please commander calm down. Try to speak slowly as you’re stuck in some sort of spell. I healed that up so it will go away soon, but you have to relax.”

“…Ah…” was the only thing he would say as he breathed in and out for a while. After a minute passed, he slowly said, “Who…who are….you?”

“Commander,” she bowed slightly, “My name is Tyrande. I’m the leader of the mercenaries for hire, The Thgil Mercenaries. We’re currently working under Mayor Nimna of my hometown, Thgil.” She leaned him against the wall. “The mayor," she continued, “Ordered me and some of my mercenaries to speak with the King of Diruch, King Shane, as soon as possible about helping out in the upcoming war against Kenion, but…” her voice trailed off.

“War? W-What…war?”

“I’ll tell you, but I must know what happened in Diruch today. When we arrived here twenty minutes ago it was completely empty…besides the numerous bodies that we found were dead…lying in their own blood.” She looked rather repulsed while saying it.

“Huh? What…are you…FEAR!? GAAH!” he grabbed his head in pain.

“Commander! Please calm down!”

“Sorry…my head…that bastard…Fear…”

“Fear? W-who’s that?”

The commander explained to Tyrande the events that took place as the creature appeared out of nowhere and destroyed most of Diruch. He glanced towards his right, towards the orb holder, and cried,

“He stole…our pride and joy…the Red Orb… of Bethumet…..”


“Anyways,” said the commander who was finally able to speak normally and relaxed, “He filled my mind with terrifying images that I rather not see ever again.” He looked around to see dead soldiers in the room, “The other soldiers…”

“I could not save them. I heard screaming coming from this room, and while the other soldiers were dead, you was still screaming and that’s when I got to you in time.”

“Then…I must thank you for saving me.”

“That’s all right, Commander-”

“You don’t have to be formal. It’s Rando.”

“Rando. Anyways, I must ask you more about Fear. Can you tell me anything else about him?”

“I don’t know anything other than the fact that he’s a demon and his name is Fear…although I heard many thoughts in my head, so I can’t be so sure.” He tried to pick up his lance, but his hands kept shaking every time he got closer to the weapon, and at the point of nearly grabbing it, shied his hand away and brought it back, “That’s not good…I can’t even touch my own weapon. I guess I’m of no use to you.” Despite watching that moment, Tyrande asked,

“Maybe you can get that healed? There’s a member of my group that can-”

“Ah, don’t bother. It’ll heal eventually. You know, there are times where a knight must gauge a person’s strength, to know where his limits are, and know whether they have a fighting chance. I guarantee you, that demon may be on a level that speaks…” He paused. “…of the gods…”

“…What are you saying? That’s impossible! Don’t speak like that!” Tyrande said in disbelief.

“I wish I could…but…my will to fight, my desire and passion to serve…it’s all gone…I…can’t fight like this…”

“What are you saying!? You’re the Commander of The Diruch Knights! Someone of your stature should never give up!”

“Yeah…I must be rather pitiful right now…well, even if I wanted to help you, my hands seem to be crippled, so you’ll have to find someone else…”


“Oh yeah…that war…screw it…Diruch is finished….”And from that point on Tyrande let Rando go, as there was no changing his mind, especially after he said something inane, thought Tyrande as she stood amidst the corpses in the now silent room.

After an hour or so of looking around Diruch, the Thgil Mercenaries returned to Thgil to report the news to the Mayor of Thgil, Nimna. It took about seventeen or so minutes to get back to the town, which was located between Syria and Diruch, and while the sun was setting they immediately reported to the Mayor’s Hall, and told him what happened in Diruch.

“My…this is grave indeed…” was the somber reaction of the grey haired short man with wide oval eyes, a calm complexion, very wide for his size and a drab shirt and grey pants. “Well…what about the King? Have you located him?

“Paragon and Sachi are currently on the trail of him,” reported Tyrande as she rose from kneeling to the Mayor. “And we estimate that without any delays they should be here tomorrow afternoon.”

“So…what do we do now?” said Nimna as he got of his seat and walked towards the window of the hall.

“Well, our options are now limited,” said a man with blue hair, two black armor pads on his shoulders and knee caps under his black shirt and grey pants, blue boots and a very terse complexion, “Syria has the better units but Kenion has a great number of soldiers, and while not totally skilled, the more troops, the better. We have not received word from Nagrun and I’m quite sure Kose will not help us, so we have to wait a few more days.”

“Is that your assessment of the situation, Lane? Well then, Tyrande, do you have anything to say?”

“….We could try and pry Master over here…” Tyrande said coyly.

“Tyrande…you know that he’s pretty far away from us, as Takneo Shrine is at the far end of Bethumet,” said Lane. “As powerful as he is, it would take days for us to reach him. Days we don’t have.” After a somewhat long silence, Nimna stepped in and said,

“Let’s adjourn today’s meeting. You’re both probably drained from today’s work. Let’s just talk about this tomorrow.” After Tyrande and Lane bowed, they both walked out the hall, and after talking for a few minutes they both went off to their houses to rest for the day.

“The moon…it’s so pretty…” thought Tyrande as she looked out her house window while in her bed, at least attempting to catch some sleep, but the day’s events has broiled an inner turmoil of darkness and chaos. Whatever she kept thinking of, whether it was the war, or the destruction of Diruch, or the loss of Commander Rando, thoughts of Fear outweighed those thoughts more than they should. “Fear…I don’t know what you are…but I will face you…and…I’m sure…I will put an end to your motives….”

She tried to go to sleep.

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