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Chapter 6:
Side Dark, Side Light, First Fight

By: Justin

There was a long but satisfying yawn in the room of Amgis as he woke up from his slumber, already thinking about something cruel to do as he got up. He did his usual routine of washing his face, cleaning his teeth, and taking a bath, and seemed to enjoy his time by himself as it was an eerily silent day, one that Amgis found a way not to notice so far.

“….Ahh….feels like fools died gloriously today…” He said in a rather queer like voice as he splashed around foolishly in the tub. After ten minutes or so he got out of the tub, dried himself, dressed in his usual garments, and ate breakfast. He opened his door and took a look outside the window in the hall of his mansion to gaze at the rising sun glistening on his face.

Then he sniffed and smelled something distastefully toxic. He proceeded to look down on the ground and see corpses strewed all over the place, and his home bloodied beyond belief. “What…what happened?!” He screamed in terror. “My land has been ravaged! How useless can those dolts be out there?” He motioned to walk steadfastly to his right, but was stopped as he was trapped in a cacophony of terrifying thoughts that yelled loudly in his mind. Then foreboding images emerged into his mind and terrified him as he screamed and wished it to stop. It seemed like it lasted forever, but he got back to reality quickly, all the while sweating all over his body profusely and gasped like he wanted air. Once he looked up, at the end of the hall he saw a large, four winged creature approaching him. “Wh-who…are…you?!” Amgis screamed in a terrifying and abnormal manner. “L-leave me alone!!!” He ran into his room, then closed it, sometimes falling on the ground a few times, grabbed a blue orb perched on a glass table, then yelled, “Drown, you abomination of society!” Immediately, a huge wave of water engulfed the hallway of Amgis, coming from the ground, air, wherever you least expect it, and after five minutes, Amgis was quite certain that the creature was drowned, and made the water disappear in seconds. After a few minutes to see if he heard anything, Amgis proclaimed, “Heh, not even a freak of nature can challenge my power!!! That’s why I am the glorious ruler of Norcelus!!!!” After admiring himself for a few seconds, he was about to leave the room again, but thanks to the destruction of his door, he moved back as far as he possibly could, hitting a wall and acting even more terrified than ever.

“NOOOO!!!DON’T KILL ME!!!!” he begged, but the creature was still moving in his direction, so after that, Amgis yelled, “Freeze! Scum of this cursed world!” then from out of nowhere, a flash lighted the room, and immediately the creature was frozen solid. Unfortunately, Amgis didn’t get a chance to admire himself this time as the creature broke out of it in seconds, and Amgis got to his knees and begged for his life. “PLEASE!!!I DON’T WANT TO DIE!!! I’LL CHANGE! I’LL CHANGGGEEE!!NOOOO!!!!” That scream was a rather sad scream, as it was heard all over Norcelus. That didn’t intimidate the creature as it had Amgis’s right arm in his left claw, pulled the hand out of Amgis’s taken arm, sliced up the hand with his right claw, and there lay rested in his left claw the Blue Orb of Bethumet.


“You’re such a loser, saying that you’re going to take a kid under your wing.” spoke a familiar confident voice emerging from the shadows. “You got a lot to do, Courage!”

“Ah…Master…what do you-”

“Now look Courage,” he sounded rather disappointed, “I know what you’re thinking: that I’m utterly offended at what just happened. But guess what….I am offended!” he then gave a suicidal like squeeze, ensuring that she will forever be in pain.

“OWW!!!! O…ok…then…” she was struggling to get out, “Then…how did you…like training us?”

“Hmmm….how did I like training you guys….how did I like training you- oh yeah that’s right I didn’t. Especially you—oww!”

“You’re so mean!”

“Oww! You’re meaner! You slapped me!!! OWW! Again???” They went at each other for a good while, until they were both sore all over, then Shade said while rubbing his face, “A-anyways, I need to discuss something very important with you. Let’s talk in your room.” So they both went inside the room, which I would describe as rather lavish and expensive, but Shade, after sitting down on Tyrande’s bed for the night, wasted no time in delivering his message. “Courage, I talked to King Sorentine and decided to hand you a new mission.” Courage looked perplexed. “I want to you to find Fear and get rid of him as soon as possible.”

“…Intriguing…but what’s the catch?”

“There is no catch! You see…I thought about it for a few days, but I realized that having the Red Orb of Bethumet taken cannot be a good thing. Considering at the time that we was put in an awkward situation, I was not sure whether to send you or not, but today made me make my decision easier. “

“I see.”

“Now, I hear that there’s a disturbing trail up in the Norcelus region. I guess you go there first and see the situation, then head towards the remains of the Forest of Hylia, where I, and probably you, believe he’s hiding. Of course, make sure you don’t do too much. If he’s not there, or if he does nothing, then report back to me immediately. I assume we’ll be in the Kenion region, so make sure you head there.”

“Hmm…can I bring someone with me?”

“No way. I already gave missions to the others before coming to you!”

“….I see. You‘re such a bad liar!!!”


“You can’t even say it convincingly! How can everyone be on missions when we’ve been hired for this war? I think you want me to go because you don’t want anyone to get in my way, right?”

“….Kind of….”

Tyrande sighed.

“Ok, ok…but you will pay me back. Especially since you want to run my mercenary group.”

“Of course not. I don’t think I need any more people hugging me. Well, I guess it’s time to sleep! I want you to leave early in the morning, so good night!” Shade got up and had his hands at the door while Tyrande said,

“Good night, Master. Actually, Master, could you do me a favor?”

“You want me to watch over Fayre?”

“Yes, master.”

“Ok, ok…no problem…Oh yeah, before I go, first I apologize for eavesdropping on your conversation. But second, I implore you to be careful with your powers.”


“No one else should know the other side to you. The fact that Fayre sensed it is proof that you’re being careless.”


“Yes, I know, he…he’s really something, huh? Would hate to see a kid like that die. Well, anyways, just try and be more careful, all right? Now come back to me in one piece,” He went up to Tyrande and put his right hand on her left cheek, “So I can see him call you MASTER. Wahahaha--oww!!!!”

“I believe you deserved that slap.”



Norcelus was an utter and complete disaster, as there was absolutely nothing left amongst the corpses and wildlife in the land. Numerous buildings were burning, body parts were littered on the ground, and while she just arrived here two days after Shade gave her the mission, Tyrande couldn’t help but feel utterly appalled at what has taken place. She picked up a faint trace of Fear’s energy just yesterday and followed it right to where Shade said he’d be: Norcelus. But of course that would mean that the creature would do whatever he could to get what he wants, and that happens to be the next orb.

But what shocked her was that it wasn’t just the bandits who was mercilessly killed off, but innocent villagers and children too, which Fear didn’t do when he destroyed most of Diruch. She walked slowly around, clenching her teeth as she couldn’t stand all of the innocents laid out with blood covering their bodies. Then she noticed, among pictures of the leader of Norcelus, Amgis, his list of rules taped to a tree. When she saw it, she really burned with anger now.

“What kind of a bastard lets his people, people who can’t fight, try to protect his hide?!” There were many tedious and horrible rules, all of them revolved around satisfying the needs of the despicable Amgis, but the rule that stuck out the most was the last one,

“In times of chaos, all beings in my land shall protect me…or face the consequences.”

“I hope he at least dies and suffers forever!” Tyrande thought furiously. She tried to pick up Fear’s energy, which was in the area, but it was scattered due to the amount of destruction in the area. She ran around for a good five minutes until she got to Amgis’s lavish looking mansion. She motioned as if she was going to head inside, but an unknown apparition emerged from the door. “It…It's him!”

It took two minutes, but the man that she was searching for made his appearance.

But oddly enough, while he was walking towards her, at first she did not move, and the creature continued to walk in her direction. Once he was a few feet away from the mansion, for the first time, he stopped, and stared shockingly at the girl. A wave of unease rippled through the air as Tyrande and Fear stood from a solid distance away, eye to eye. It seemed like they looked at each other for hours, but they only looked at each other for a minute, with Tyrande breaking the silence by saying,

“So….you….must be Fear….” the creature did not respond, as he continued to have a shocked look to his face. “I know you’re Fear,” She continued, “I can’t think of anyone else who could have caused this much blood…” the creature still didn’t say or do anything for a good few seconds, until he looked to the ground for a while, and he seemed saddened and remorseful. “What the…what are you doing?” For reasons unknown to her, Tyrande started to feel the same way like the creature, and she couldn’t figure out why. The creature changed instantly when he looked up, had a rare smile on his face, and laughed while saying rather death-like,

“….Half-demon….” Tyrande looked rather shocked, but calmed down and said,

“I should I have known…I can’t hide that from you, demon, no matter how hard I try. You have a problem with—hey!!!” while she spoke the creature began to walk away. “Bastard! Get back here!!!” She unsheathed a silver sword and slashed at the creature in such quick fashion that he was actually shocked at her speed, barely dodging her swipes. He did regain his composure, and showed it by grabbing her sword and tried to stab her in the stomach with the hilt of her sword, but she sidestepped to her left, then with her right hand she punched his face, causing him to move backwards and relinquish her sword back to her. “If you think me an easy mark, degenerate, then you will pay for your cockiness!!!” She charged at the creature, but this time, the creature disappeared, causing her to lose her balance. She had to block the claw swipe that Fear had for her with her sword as she retreated a bit. She dropped her sword, as she noticed her sword was broken, and caused her to think of a quick alternative.

The creature wasted no time though, charging at Tyrande, causing her to do a lot of dodging, as she avoided left slash, then right slash, vice versa. Then suddenly she yelled, “Render my foe useless, Flowing Light!!!” A medium puddle of yellow light surrounded the creature from the ground where he was in the air, and then the creature quickly had to dodge multiple little light beams coming up at him, and then coming down towards him. While he was busy dodging the attack, Tyrande moved back and chanted a more powerful light spell, “Let the light envelop the darkness that my foe brings forth! Engulf him in a glory of light! Shining Wave!!!” and as she chanted it, she had her arms in a vertical position, then moved her left arm down suddenly, then moved her right hand down suddenly. Then some sort of light medium sized cryptic circle overlapped her body and a huge sphere of light came out and headed in Fear’s direction. Once the previous spell stopped attacking Fear, he looked up to see a huge light mass envelop him and then land forcefully on the ground, causing chunks of rocks to dissolve or crack. Then it continued to break the ground, until the light exploded into millions of bite sized pieces and flew in all directions of the area, leaving a wide crater in the ground. “…..Is that it?” Tyrande said softly as she tried to locate Fear amongst the steam.

Not surprisingly, the creature, while his body was totally steamed, was all right as he walked up, then slowly walked out with an indifferent look about him as he headed in Tyrande’s direction.

“Wow….how overly confident of you,” Tyrande murmured. “I guess… I’ll just have to make you pay!!!” Right when Fear walked out of the crater, a large amount of light wrapped him up like a large snake, strangling him. Then Tyrande held out her hands. “It’s time to make you pay for your overconfidence…goodbye!” she then clenched her hands and was trying to squeeze the life out of him, and it seemed that was the case as the creature sweated intensely and had his head tilted to the ground.

But Fear in all reality was not feeling even the slightest of pain as the light tried to crush him with each second that passed, but after a few seconds, the creature looked up, had a subtle smile on his face and yelled death like once again,

“Half…demon….” He broke open the light like it was nothing, and then disappeared out of sight, and this time Tyrande could not locate him, until she got her long yellow hair grabbed by Fear and thrown into one of the nearby houses that was not burning. She got up a little slowly, rubbing her head, but at soon as she looked up she couldn’t locate Fear again, until she got viciously slashed on her shoulder, causing her to let out a yelp, as blood squirted up out of her armor. Before she could do any sort of recovery, Fear grabbed her head with his left claw, dragged her head across the ground in circles three times then, with her head still on the ground, threw her into Amgis’s mansion, completely destroying it as it crumbled in destructive fashion. The creature, seemingly taking this seriously for once, charged at the building, avoiding numerous falling building structures as he grabbed Tyrande, who by the way was beaten up rather badly, as her face had ground all over her scarred and bloodied face, her left arm was covered with her blood, part of her armor was destroyed, and she couldn’t feel her right leg, threw her up high into the air, then a dark, kind of energy violently went across his body and engulfed him, transforming him into a dark colored phoenix. He shadowed over the body of Tyrande, swallowed her up, then yelled, “CARELESS PHOE-” He got cut off as an explosion of light dispelled the phoenix and sent Fear’s body flying way, way southwest. Tyrande had a last resort move, but unfortunately, she was knocked out completely, and seemed to fall a long, long way to the ground…

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