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Chapter 1: Fear

By: Justin

The Country of Diruch is not exactly one of the more popular places of Bethumet, not because it was dirty, which it was not, or where it was located, which is very moot at this point as it is located fairly well. It is just that everything associated with Diruch is all about impressiveness, or lack thereof of impressiveness as it’s really just a very basic land. It doesn’t stand out too much, but it doesn’t stand out too far, and compared with other countries is about right in the middle. There are the customary villages, towns, pubs, the usual, but nothing really captivates you here.

There’s only two items of note that are worth seeing in this quaint country: a statue of King Shane, designed as a water fountain near the center of the town of Diruch, and the Red Orb of Bethumet, Diruch’s main symbol. Other than that, there’s not much for outsiders to enjoy and would probably stay for a day or two before leaving for somewhere more spectacular and eye-opening.

Now, I just mentioned the Red Orb of Bethumet, correct? Legends say that at the beginning of time there were Seven Orbs of Bethumet: Red, as mentioned, Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver, Purple, and White. These orbs were to be the key to unlocking a great, destructive power, but it’s been said that they have been scattered all across Bethumet, and for centuries, has been thought to be a myth. However, Diruch was given their orb two years ago by a great sorcerer; Kose found the Green Orb of Bethumet ten years ago, but because of their isolation it was just reported a few months ago; and Aurol recently found the Silver Orb of Bethumet, so many have wondered if the legend is true. Of course, the four remaining orbs are nowhere to be found, so it remains a legend to this day.

Anyways, Diruch is not really a great locale to stay unless it’s for business or for a job as a skilled knight, which this guard happens to be, except he’s an outsider. I think I’ve already talked about how outsiders feel about Diruch.

“HHAAHHH…..AAWWNNN….” yawned the yellow armored soldier as he stood guard outside the city gate of Diruch. He was just recently assigned to this life a week ago, but life in Diruch is boring, and he showed that as he continually stretched out while yawning. “Life…can be such a PAINNN!!!!!….sigh….should’ve applied to Nagrun’s militia force…someone of my skill…hrk! Should be more suitable for their jobs instead of something like guard duty!” But as he well knows, getting a job in Bethumet is hard, so any job that’s immediately available should get taken within a second.

The guard was still stretching until he stopped to think about where his partner went.

“Man…where’s my partner? I’m pretty sure they told me that they were going to assign me a guard. Lousy scumbag…probably just shirking his duties….I swear he’s going to pay for leaving me like this….” The guard looked up in the direction of something coming to the capital. It was hard to tell what it was because it was far away, but the guard noticed immediately that whatever it was, it was not human, and as the unknown figure approached, he noticed four cryptic black wings on the figure’s body, making him shiver and unable to move. “W-what is- t-that thing?!!?”

He nearly tripped as he ran awkwardly towards the alarm bell and rang it, alerting the villagers to hide in their houses, and getting the Diruch Knights to mobilize towards the gate. After that, he was in the crossroads: Do I attack or wait until help arrives? He thought but easily chose the wait option as he doesn’t even know what it is. The Diruch Knights, about 50 of them so far, poured out in droves at the entrance in minutes, but the figure that approached them continued to walk slowly towards the city, and once the knights got to the gate, it wasn’t even halfway there.

“What in Bethumet’s name is that!!?”

“That looks like some sort of demon!!”

“Impossible!!!!” were the many shouts of the men who arrived at the gate as they wore the similar yellow armor like the guard, each with different sorts of weapons.

“It doesn’t matter what it is!” yelled one guard, “Something that inhuman doesn’t deserve to live!”

With that engraved in their mind, the soldiers didn’t wait for the creature to come as they charged it with no thought about how utterly foolish it could have possibly been. After a minute to get to the creature (like I said, it was pretty far away) they realized they made a mistake, but this was something that they couldn’t learn from unfortunately. Cries and screams of pain were heard as the soldiers were shredded or decapitated in the worst possible fashion in a matter of seconds, and to the human eye, they couldn’t see anything at all. Then it took about five minutes for the creature to get into Diruch, with that stunned and terrified guard who called the knights to stop it unable to move as he stood far, far away from the creature.

In the Castle of Diruch, a scout notified the Commander of the Diruch Knights that an unknown creature killed all of the knights dispatched to the entrance. He threw his lance down furiously to the ground.

“Who the hell is this guy?!!?” yelled the blue-haired man. He had a placid like complexion, a short blue beard on his face, wearing gold armor like his fellow knights but had a crimson-style helmet on a nearby table, probably to signify that he was the commander of his men.

“Commander Rando,” said the scout who briefed him of the news, “What are we going to do?”

Obviously whoever we are dealing with is someone of great power, as all the knights are trained rather well, so to fall so easily…were the thoughts of Rando as he tried to think of solutions hastily.

“Evacuate every villager in this town! Light the flares!” After he directed that to the scout, he got a few other soldiers and yelled, “Get every available soldier in Diruch! We must show this fiend that he should never underestimate the Diruch knights!” After he said this, a short, yellow haired man walked steadfastly in the room, wearing a large fur like robe that covered most of his body, but left us to see a third of his light green pants and brown shoes and approached Rando.

“Commander!” said the king in an insistent voice, “What is happening to my kingdom!?!?”

“My King!” Rando kneeled while saying this, “Forgive us! But we are in a dire situation!” He then explained to King Shane the grave situation that Diruch was in.

“Unbelievable…I don't believe this! What would a figure like that come to a place like this?!?!

“I don’t know my king. I can‘t think of anything that it would want.”

Then they both gasped. The Red Orb.

“NO! Impossible!” said a distressed Shane. “There’s no reason for him to take that!!!”

“My king!” Rando said after standing up, “Then what else?!?! No wait, he could be after-”

“He could be after the legend! That must be why!”

“The legend....what are you saying...the…The Seven Orbs of Bethumet?”

“Yes…but whether or not it’s true seems hard to believe. Still, that could be the only thing he’s after! We don’t have much else oth-” “COMMANDER!!!” ran in a soldier, “The creature is destroying houses and looks like its heading towards our location!” Both the Commander and the King quickly realized the position that they was in.

“My King! You must take the orb and go! The knights will stall as long as possible!”

“I can’t!” protested King Shane.

“What do you mean!?!? It can’t fall into his hands!”

“I CAN’T! The orb….it cannot be taken by me. It was pure gold when we stumbled on to it quite a while ago, but we had a powerful spell caster bring it to us. Normal means will not help us today.”

“DAMN IT! What are we supposed to do now???”

Both Rando and King Shane were puzzled as to what their next course of action would be, but with the anomaly approaching with each time wasted, it was clear what needed to be done.

“My king,” Rando bowed to the King, “My men and I will hold him so you can escape. We will do what we can to protect the orb.” Shane looked aghast at the notion.


“No buts! We are Knights of Diruch! We shall fight as a Knight of Diruch! And if so, we shall die as a Knight of Diruch! As long as you are safe, I have no shame in dying! You have to live for the future of Diruch! Now, please!”

“….I…understand…” said the King somberly.

“You! Get more soldiers to escort the king towards the emergency escape route!” ordered the commander as the King was escorted out. “Now….time to see who I’m dealing with!” He ran towards the lookout to see who he was going to face eventually. What he saw shocked him.

“A-A demon? No way! They’re supposed to be in Varusch Dungeon!” he stared intently at the black haired creature wearing a black trench coat and pants, four black wings on the back of its body, and one red eye walking towards the castle. “I’ve never seen a demon look like that either….this is madness!” He quickly started thinking about what was left. There was about 200 soldiers in the castle and 100 soldiers outside, but considering the fact that there wasn’t even a dent on the creature, “Man, this is hopeless,” he thought out loud until he said, “Well, if I can at least cripple the creature I’ll die knowing I did something instead of nothing!” He first blew a nearby horn, which told the soldiers to set up a trap. It took ten minutes to create a small little ditch near the castle, before the creature was in view to see it. After a twenty minute wait, the creature showed up, unaware that there was an ambush just waiting to happen. After ten minutes of walking, the creature stepped in something soft. “NOW!!!” Rando waved a blue flag as the soldiers, hiding amongst bushes and a well, pulled the string that made the creature fall into the ditch. “Now finish him off!” Rando waved the red flag, and soon after that, multiple fires was lit and thrown into the ditch, which was covered in oil and a blaze of fire burst into the sky, leaving an impressive sight to behold and a lot of rejoicing soldiers as they believed it was over.

“Holy….Sh**” muttered one soldier as the creature arose out of the ditch and continued walking towards the castle, plus slashing any soldier in its way as the fire died out quickly off the creature’s body. The knights, flabbergasted and furious, made the same mistake the first wave of knights committed and charged at the creature. Just like them, they weren’t going to learn from their mistake either as they were killed so suddenly that even Rando couldn’t tell what just happened, except many of his men were killed.

“Damn…this is hopeless…” He started to fall into despair as he was trying to figure out how they was going to deal with a power like that, until, after a good ten minutes past,

“…in the castle! The creature is in the castle!” yelled a now scared soldier as Rando finally came to his senses.

“GAH! W-what!?!? The creature! Head to the location of the orb! Every one of you! Lock those doors so tight that not even Nagrun’s forces can get through! I want 170 of you men blocking the creature from entering!!!”

So they hurried to the location of the orb, locked the doors as tight as humanly possible, and had 170 soldiers trying to stop the demon, with the commander waiting near the orb as a last defense. It was fifteen minutes of utter silence; you couldn’t hear the movement of armor at this point. Suddenly, a soldier outside the door shouted,


And suddenly battle cries were heard, weapons clashed, death screams echoed throughout the castle as they encountered the demon.

“Hopefully we can get it done this time…” Rando thought. The knights beside Rando, who’s always in battle mode, or at least looks like it, were getting ready to take down the creature. Surely, with the number of knights that it’s facing the creature would wear down and-

There was no sound…

Terrified looks were on the faces of every soldier in the room, including Rando. The clash barely lasted ten seconds, yet there’s already silence?

The door suddenly started to take a beating, leaving many knights to shiver all over their bodies. The remaining soldiers could only stand paralyzed in fear by the sight of the red eyed spiky black haired demon as it took only two beats of the door until it shattered into pieces. The creature walked right past some soldiers, only killing those who stood in its way to the orb, and in a matter of seconds, nightmarish thoughts hounded everyone in the room as they collapsed to the ground holding their heads. Commander Rando in particular was shrouded with numerous enigmatic thought patterns that caused him to scream uncontrollably, as his mind was awash with dark and foreboding images that forced itself into his mind. It seemed like it went on forever, until a distant voice continually echoed in his mind,


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