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Special Note: E-mail addresses in this publication, as with any in the domain are to be considered intellectual property of their rightful owners and may not be appropriated for any commercial use without the express written consent of the rightful owner. No method of hervesting, manual, automatic or otherwise, is permitted on this site under penalty of law. I have prefixed all e-mail addresses with 'PARIAH_' to protect the innocent. Remove this prefix from the e-mail address in order to send actual email.

I also do free lanced programming with CornerNET Internet Gateway. Your support would be appreciated. Pariah has had a rough patch while my network onnection has been unstable and I appear to have a failed drive to fix. My network has been completely replaced and it now seems stable. Maybe I can get back to working on pariah's code.

Just say no to Email Marketing.

Joel C. Furches has just had a major update at his Secrets of the Unvierse website. I was only marginally involved in that, but I did most of the grunt work behind the scenes. Some of his work is featured in his store at The message board at Secrets of the Universe was recently updated as well.

You are not seeing things if this bar looks like the content is shrinking. I'm preparing more space for active content on the site, and this is the space that I have chosen. You will notice that I've already begun increasing the active content of Pariah Online Magazine's non-fiction page. There is still room for more there.

Story submissions have to be made before the 20'th of the month, as is listed on the Submission Page. This month, I got a late submission, but it is an addition to the popular Dark Hollow serial so I held off publication to get it ready. That is not the only reason that I am late this month. In fact, I was going to be late anyway. I'm trying to make enough money at computer work to keep affording my volunteer projects. I do not get paid for Pariah any more than I can afford to pay for submissions. Remember professional format. A paragraph should not be less than 4 sentences, unless it is a dialog exchange, and standard manuscript writing requires a double space after each sentence. You will not see these details in online works, however, it will be required when you start making submissions to paying, print magazines. You retain all rights to anything that you submit to Pariah Online Magazine.

If the option was open to me, then I would turn Pariah Online Magazine into a paying market. However, aside from banner advertising, which I do not have the audience for, there has been no way for me to make enough money from Pariah Online Magazine for the magazine to even pay its own expenses. I [] have a paypal account, however, I cannot take credit cards and that has cost me software sales. Oh well. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

--Admiral Coeyman


Chris Cartwright is a freelanced artist for hire. If you need illustrations, see the samples here. Remember that real people remove the 'PARIAH_' to send real mail.

I am removing the email addresses from this site to protect the authors from 'email marketing.' The email links go to me even when I did not write the story. I am not claiming anything that I did not write. If you have a legitimate cause to contact the writer's directly, then I can arrange that. The mailing list should be working as well.

 Solar Activity:

Issue 171: January 2018 'Saul' by Robert 'Admiral' Coeyman
January 5778


The Secrets of the Universe.
A Pariah novel.
Joel 'Cop' Furches | Micah Frederick | Michael Girdwood

  By: Andy Dell 0
   The First Star Pilot  Mobi
  By: Joel 'Cop' Furches 1

Type II Agoraphobia  
  By: Scott D. Coon 2
The Last Mortician  
  By: Scott D. Coon 3
All Things to All Men  
  By: Evan Hagans 4
Forgotten Memories of Who We Were.
The Timeater  
  By: Admiral Coeyman 5
Timeater's Desert  
  By: Admiral Coeyman 6
Inner Duction
  By: Joel "Cop" Furches. 7
A Shadow's Tale  
  By: Admiral Coeyman 8
(C) 2018 All Rights Reserved


I have been thinking about trying to produce a never-ending choose your own adventure story. It would not be terribly difficult to produce the active content system for it. I have walked a few dozen miles thinking about the content and it would be very difficult to handle the continuity. Like most writers, I have reams of story ideas that I could weave together to create the content. Like the rest of my maintenence of this site, it will be a matter of how much time I get to work on it.

A friend of mine has a calendar of his artwork that I have delayed posting a link to just as I have delayed posting the next edition of Pariah. I have been very busy with Christmas and have not had time for much. I do have a desire to continue writing; however, it has been hard to find the time. I spend enough time on the road to count as a part-time job.

Pariah Online Magazine is an online hobby magazine. We post story submissions here to connect readers and writers so that they can work together on creating the next generation of authors. We have wanted to become a paying market; however, Pariah Online Mangazine has no connection to any print medium. I cannot really help you if you are shopping a manuscript around or looking to sell illustrations. It has been difficult to maintain a regular publication schedule.

My thinking has been cloudy and my days busier than than they used to be. I can create a few pages every so often, but I have been unable to sit down and write anything that I would consider worthy of publication here. The only thing that I can come up with has been editorials. All of Pariah online Magazine is now down to me. That is, ironically, how it all startecd.

Although the content of this site is kind of stale, this is still an active site that is taking submissions at this time. I would like to be able to pay for submissions, but I have to have a way of making money first. I'm up for ideas. What would you like to see on this site that would help me to get submissions? Is there a way of making enough to pay for submissions without driving readers away from the site? I have been working steadily and am making enough to cover the bills. My computer is now upgraded and I can definitely afford my online hosting.

CornerNET Internet Gateway is still here to host Pariah Online Magazine this month. Times are tough. I am working on programming projects online and doing most of the editorials for Secrets of the Universe. That may eventually provide enough of an income for my needs, but CornerNET also has to survive. If you need custom programming, web design, server construction or general hosting, looking into CornerNET is a good way to show your support for Pariah Online Magazine. Remember that Pariah is a free service. Right now, I cannot even afford to pay writers for their contributions. Would a paypal donation system work?

--Admiral Coeyman

Artist Wanted

By: Joel

Okay, so, I went to the Baltimore Comicon, peddling my wares, as it were, and I learned a few important things. The first among those is that being a self-taught artist is not conducive to getting you a profession in the comic industry. They have standards when it comes to material, media, and so on.

The second thing that I learned was that I am very promising as a writer. I even have the contacts and resources to self-publish if I can come up with a decent product. AND I have a colorist lined up. So, right now I am missing an artist with some idea how to produce a professional looking comic.

So what I am saying here is that I am looking for an artist who would be interested in teaming up with me to start a line of actual comics we could get paid for.

Now, every time I have made a general public appeal in one of these articles, I have received zero response. I expect this to be no different. However, should any talented artists want to emerge from the woodwork, I not only have the resources to self-publish, I have actually spoken to a few interested publishers and have a plan to sell the project. All I need to launch you and I into the world of comic publishing is someone with some talent who wants to step forward.

My contact information is on the page. You know what to remove to make a legitimate email address out of it.

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