Dr. Ael Rin Sirion

Catagory: Biography
Type: Legend
Source: Admiral Coeyman
Date of Birth: Tyraquese 16, 9972
BirthPlace (Point of origin): Sziket Trianne, Trilonia (Old Empire)
  1. Timeaters in Theory
  2. A Primer in Warp Theory

Dr. Aer Rin Sirion was born near the end of the pre-emperial era in the Bahain galaxy, on the ninth moon of the world Unithrax. He was the second child of Adreka and Leyron Sirion and was named after Adreka's favorite grandfather. His elder brother, Drovleh, did not take well to Ael, rarely speaking to him throughout the first 14 years of Ael's Life. These differences were only resolved on Drovleh's deathbed on the same day as he died from injuries sustained during a training accident in the avionics accademy.

Young Ael was an average student, withdrawn from the world around him and generally apathetic to education. He did just well enough to get through school for the mandatory 23 years, preferring to studdy forbidden subjects on his own time. It is reported that he told his confidents that he would like to visit the last of the hundred churches, on the crystal plateau of the Adaneese mountains, to complete his education.

This temple, actually the first built of the hundred churches, only remained because of its inaccesibility. The educational system of the then nation of Washua took this information as an additional reason to drive young Ael out of the system and flunked him twice. He was not easily broken, finishing with an average in the high 80 percentile in spite of the additional pressure.

After graduation, Ael Sirion entered compulsary millitary service less than a year after his elder brother's death. Rumor has it that Drovleh's death was not an accident and, if for no other reason, Ael would not admit that Washua had ever existed as a nation once the unification wars united Trilonia.

During the unification wars, Ael fell in with a group of mystics called the 'Mysterians.' Noting that evil, although brutally efficient, was an unreasonable way to govern a planet, and that evil was destined to win the unification wars, Ael fled with the followers he could collect. He led them to scale the Adaneese mountain range to reach the crystal plateau. Through a disipline of prayer and meditation, this clan of the 'Mysterians' was granted the power to bring peace to the comming 100 centuries by the living and true God. Little is known of what transpired during these rituals, or the missing 3 years that Ael was on the Crystal Plateau. He returned as the 'Elder' of the Mysterian clan.

Prophesy said that evil could not be cast out of the land, only suppressed within it. As cost for the peace the Mysterians brought through the reign of the 'First Intergalactic Empire,' evil was destined to tear Trilonia apart in the end.

Having brought Trilonia together as a single nation, the Mysterians instituted the Trianne system of assimilative government. No record exists of where this system originated. The Triannes and clans held Trilonia together for as long as Trilonia had a population.

First contact with the Empire brought warp starflight to Trilonia, which reverse-engineered the captured warships from the Empire's first campaign. Expanding from the I-Fix technology of these smashed remnants, the best minds of Trilonia built the N-Stable drive units which carried the 'Warlord's Council' back to the Emperor's throne on Tyranegoin. At the end of this unification, when the 'Warlord's council' gained a seat in the Emperor's palace and dominion over the Emperor's fleet, Trilonia, Negoin and Adornae were granted special pseudo-independance as the brain worlds of the Empire. Negoin was the world where the Emperor's family came from. Adornae develloped the I-Fix warp drive units which the Emperor used to build his fleet and Trilonia was the seat of power for the Mysterian priests.

The Mysterian Priests posessed so much power that they could jump across the stars by the force of their will. Even the 'Warlord's council' would not cross the Mysterians for fear of having the armada crippled by the force of their will. This balance fulfilled the prophesy and maintained peace throughout the Empire.

Ael came back an excellent student and was given command of the 'First Imperial Academy of Trilonia.' Though a philosopher by study, Ael wrote many papers on Applied Quantum Principle which is what he ocassionally taught at the academy until his death.

Ael Rin Sirion died of old age on Kyron 2, Keetueen 72 at an unspecified age. Keetueen, 'Star Age' is an unspecified offset from the earlier time system of Trilonia and the exact translation in dates has since been hidden. All that is known is that Keetueen didn't begin until after the inception of the N-Stable drive unit.

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