Pariah Online Magazine A Path for your mind to wander
A Path for your mind to Wander

February 2015.

So, what have I been up to since my last, exciting as dental surgery, episode? In the last update, I was working full time, volunteering at the church and taking classes full time. Aparently, that was not enough so we moved south. I am now driving the number of hours that qualifies my commute as a part time job. I have not even had the time to put my full computer system back together.

I cannot guarantee that Pariah Online Magazine will be updated more regularly as I continue with my education, but I am working on all of the technology that has supported Pariah in recent years. The version control software has been repaired and that will give me the ability to keep track of upgrades. I even have story ideas that I might get around to, with enough time. I am not abandoning this project. Pariah will be around while I labor to get back to it.

When I get time to spend on my own projects, I will get back to Pariah Online Magazine. I will spend the time that I can make working to get Pariah Online Magazine up to date and ready for my return. Until I get that time, enjoy what I have online here. Remember that all of the copyrights belong to the authors with works posted here and that you must have permission to use their work. Pariah was meant to be a showcase for new artists.

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